Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Hu, Lin Fa Peng, Xin Min Lai, Wei Gang Zhang

Abstract: Increasing demands for miniature metallic parts have driven the application of micro/meso forming process in various industries. The present...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Ning Hui Wang, Tie Li

Abstract: High quality magnesium oxide (MgO) single crystals have been grown by an arc-fusion method. Due to the hostile environment for observing the...

Authors: Xiao Cong He

Abstract: Self-pierce riveting (SPR) technology offers an alternative to resistance spot welding (RSW) for joining sheet materials. It has been found...

Authors: Xian Lun Wang, Yu Xia Cui

Abstract: The interaction force and the environments uncertainties are the most challenges for robotic material removal process. The conventional...

Authors: Ali Halouani, Yu Ming Li, Boussad Abbès, Y.Q. Guo

Abstract: The simplified method called Inverse Approach (I.A.) has been developed by Batoz, Guo et al.[1] for the sheet forming modelling. They are...

Authors: Rui Fang Ding, Xue Min Pan, Guang Ling Wei

Abstract: The self-diffusion coefficient of Cu in Sn-1.5wt.%Cu and Sn-2wt.%Cu lead-free solders was investigated using molecular dynamics simulations...

Authors: Rui Xue Ding, Yin Tang Yang, Jiu Xu Song

Abstract: To explore a novel sensor to detect the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), we investigate reactivity of boron-doped (B-doped) single-walled...

Authors: Tie Li, Zhen Wang, Ning Hui Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a method for calculating the temperature field distributions for MgO single crystal furnace. Finite element method (FEM)...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Xiao Meng Lü, Jian Lin Ding, Ji Min Xie, Chang Hao Yan

Abstract: Using Y2O3, Mn(CH3COO)2·4H2O as raw materials and glacial acetic acid as solvents, YMnxFe1-xO3 precursors (x= 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) have...

Authors: Bing Nan Ren, Qiao Wen Yang, Li Na Lu

Abstract: The optimal preparation condition of V2O5/TiO2 catalyst was investigated by the orthogonal experimental method. Five factors were chosen...


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