Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Li, Shuang Jiang Li, Ying Zhuang, Wei Jian Li, Zhou Hua Jiang

Abstract: Micron, sub-micron and nanometer sized MgO•Al2O3 ultra-fine powders were prepared by gel precipitation, solid-phase synthesis, sol-gel and...

Authors: Liang Shao, Jian Hui Qiu, Ming Zhu Liu, Hui Xia Feng, Guo Hong Zhang, Yang Zhao, Lin Lei, Li Jun Qin

Abstract: New types of conducting composites using andalusite as an inorganic substrate and polyaniline as the conducting phase were prepared. The...

Authors: Xin He, Su Yu Yang, Mei Zhang

Abstract: We demonstrated the fabrication of the flower-like silver nanoplate micro-assemblies in high yields by a facile hydrothermal method. This...

Authors: G. An, Dong Ying Ju, Pei Bian, T. Kumazawa, M. Okasabe

Abstract: The composite magnetic nanoparticles of coated SiO nano film with about 8 nm size can be dispersed in various liquid media, widely known as...

Authors: Pu Li, Jung Goo Lee, Xing Long Dong, Chul Jin Choi

Abstract: MnAlC nanoparticles were synthesized by plasma arc-discharge method. Heat treatment of these nanoparticles at temperature from 400 to 600 °C...

Authors: Suo Kui Tan, Xiao Ping Song, Hong Yan Guo, Song Ji, Hong Zhao

Abstract: Electrorheological (ER) fluids are regarded as smart materials with potential for application in various industries because of the...

Authors: Qiang Liu, Bing Jian Zhang

Abstract: The conservation of historic stone sculptures and buildings is a focus of research. But there are no completely satisfying protective...

Authors: Yi Fan Tu, Long Hua Piao, Qing Yan Liu, Wen Liang

Abstract: A β-NaCaPO4 containing borate glass ceramic is prepared. Two kinds of porous scaffolds are constructed by sintering glass particles in the...

Authors: Yuan Gao, Shuai Li, Ping Qu, Lu Bai, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: A series of natural materials used for oil absorption based on corn stalks have been prepared by acylation grafting with propionic anhydride...

Authors: Sheng Yao, Mian Xing, Yi Fei Jiang, Guo Feng Wu, Jun Wen Pu

Abstract: The aim of this work was to study the ability of NIR spectroscopy to determine holocellulose and alpha-cellulose contents in triploid clones...


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