Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhao, Cui Cui Tian, Guo Qiang Lin, Zhen Dong Ge, Min Qi, Da Zhi Yang

Abstract: NiTi alloys are widely used for bone implants due to their good mechanical properties. However, they can suffer certain disadvantages, such...

Authors: Xia Huang, Jia Chang Chen, Chang Yu Shen, Qian Li, Chun Tai Liu, Shi Xun Zhang

Abstract: In the present study, the compatibility and degradability of L-tyrosine derived polycarbonate(PC)/Poly(ethylene glycol) blend were...

Authors: Fu Qiang Jin, Yan Li, Su Qin Hu, Bo Jiang, Xiao Dong Zhang

Abstract: Poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) microspheres were prepared by seed swelling polymerization in the presence of tung oil methyl esters. First,...

Authors: Bao Sheng Ren, Junji Noda, Koichi Goda

Abstract: This paper describes an effect of fluctuation in fiber orientation on the tensile properties of sliver-based green composites. The...

Authors: Wen Kun Zhu, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin, Jian Zhou, Yan Lu

Abstract: Various crystal forms of calcium carbonate were successfully synthesized with CaCl2 and Na2CO3 in 10%(V/V) egg white protein solution system...

Authors: Xin Liu, Hui Min Guo, Chang Gong Meng

Abstract: NiTi shape memory alloy is widely used as biomaterial for its superior mechanical properties and good biocompatibility. Effective protocols...

Authors: Li Jun Qin, Jian Hui Qiu, Ming Zhu Liu, Sheng Long Ding, Liang Shao, Guo Hong Zhang, Yang Zhao

Abstract: The modified rice straw fibers (MRSF) were prepared by suspension polymerization technique of butyl acrylate (BA) monomer and rice straw...

Authors: Yang Zhao, Jian Hui Qiu, Hui Xia Feng, Guo Hong Zhang, Liang Shao

Abstract: Rice straw/Poly(butylene succinate)(PBS) composites were prepared by injection molding machine. The influence of content and particle size...

Authors: Yan Liang, Jie Zhao, Cheng Wei Wu, Chen Xiao Mu

Abstract: The mollusk shell mobilizes calcium from environment for skeletal mineralization. This occurs through synthesizing solids in solution in the...

Authors: Hong Ze Liu, Min Qi, Bo Guo, Hui Hua Liu

Abstract: Hydrophilic ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and hydrophobic sirolimus were used as model drugs, and poly(dl-lactic-co-glycolic acid) 50/50 (PLGA...


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