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Edited by: A.C. Ferro, J.P. Conde and M.A. Fortes
Online since: February 1996
Description: This publication focuses on the structural and chemical characterization of interfaces and their kinetic, mechanical and electrical properties. The size of the volume, consisting of almost 200 papers and over 900 pages, reflects the great current interest in the field.


Edited by: H. Yoshinaga, T. Watanabe and N. Takahashi
Online since: March 1996
Description: Grain Growth is one of the most fundamental microstructural changes, and occurs in all types of polycrystalline material. It is of major scientific interest, and of great importance in a wide range of industrial applications.


Edited by: A.M. Mancini, C. Paorici and M.L. Terranova
Online since: February 1996
Description: The field of crystal growth has developed steadily with the rapid progress in microelectronics. The purpose of this book is to present a survey of the most recent results related to this subject area. The book will serve as both an up-to-date review for experts and as a reference work on crystal growth for younger scientists and for those who wish to keep track of the advances and technological trends in the field.


Edited by: Thierry Magnin
Online since: January 1996
Description: For more then one century it has been observed that stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and corrosion fatigue (CF) corresponds to synergetic effects between corrosion and mechanics. Researchers and engineers have tried to translate such effects through empirical damage laws, in particular to predict crack velocities in metallic materials for the nuclear, aeronautical and chemical industries. Nevertheless the precise nature of these synergetic effects is still difficult to determine and quantify, mainly because of the localization of the damage events.
One of the objective of the current publication is to review in details what is known about these deleterious synergetic effects which lead to SCC and CF. The matter of the book clearly corresponds to an interdisciplinary field. Bases in materials science, corrosion, theory of dislocations and chemistry of surfaces are supposed to be known, even if some elements will be briefly introduced.


Edited by: M. Suezawa and H. Katayama-Yoshida
Online since: November 1995
Description: The study of defects in semiconductors has never been independent of the progress in semiconductor technology. With rapid development in semiconductor device technology, novel types of defects as well as very peculiar behavior of defects in semiconductors have been found one after another. New subjects in the basic study of defects have often been arisen from experiences in the practical field. Great progress has also been achieved in device production technology on the basis of the knowledge clarified in the basic field.


Edited by: E. Bonetti and D. Fiorani
Online since: November 1995
Description: The purpose of this book is to present a survey of the latest developments in the field of nanophase materials. The topics included are interdisciplinary in nature, covering theory, materials preparation, structural characterization, thermodynamic aspects and mechanical, optical, electrical and magnetic properties.


Edited by: Mário Ferreira and Alda Simões
Online since: August 1995
Description: In recent years the particular significance of Materials Science and Technology has been generally accepted in the industrial countries. The use of materials in different applications is limited due to their natural tendency to react with their environment, i.e. corrosion. Since corrosion is typically an electrochemical phenomenon, different electrochemical methods form the scientific basis of corrosion research.


Edited by: Jan Przyluski and Siegmar Roth
Online since: May 1995
Description: The purpose of the present publication is to review the various fields which are the most appropriate for the exploitation of the intrinsic properties of various types of conjugated double bond systems, providing the basis for the evaluation of the impact these materials may have on the various sectors of technology.


Edited by: B.C. Muddle
Online since: July 1995
Description: The term "interface" means different things structurally, according to the materials involved and their thermal and mechanical history. Moreover, an adequate description of an interface may vary considerably, according to the property being related to it.


Edited by: K.E. Heusler
Online since: March 1995
Description: This comprehensive volume covers practically all aspects concerning the passivity of metallic and semiconductor materials. Recent advances resulting from new materials in new environments, from metals and insulating films in multilayer structures, and from the chemical side of semiconductor technology are presented.


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