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Edited by: L.B. Magalas and S. Gorczyca
Online since: January 1993
Description: The volume presents the proceedings of the 6th European Conference, as well as the International Symposia on High Temperature Superconductors and on Mechanical Spectroscopy.


Edited by: Tsunemasa Taguchi
Online since: January 1993
Description: The volume presents the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Shallow Impurities in Semiconductors, held in Kobe, Japan, August 1992.


Edited by: S. Pizzini
Online since: January 1993
Description: All physical properties of electronic ceramics are strongly influenced by microstructure induced disorder. The aim of the present book is to present examples of how defect engineering procedures can be used to solve some crucial issues in ceramic science.


Edited by: M. Fuentes and J. Gil Sevillano
Online since: January 1993
Description: The book emphasizes the importance of recrystallization and related processes in the development of advanced materials, such as metal-matrix composites, intermetallic and ceramic materials, and thin films. The volume focusses on the control of the microstructure during thermomechanical processing.


Edited by: O. Forsén
Online since: January 1992
Description: I. Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Various Corrosion Problems. II. Photoelectrochemistry and Electrochemical Noise. III. Studies of Organic and Inorganic Coatings. IV. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. V. Electrochemical Aspects of Localized Corrosion. VI. Novel and Combined Techniques for Corrosion Research. VIl. Corrosion of Steel in Concrete.


Edited by: Zs. Kajcsos and Cs. Szeles
Online since: January 1992
Description: The volumes present over 400 reviewed papers on the present state of the art and future prospects in the wide field of research involving positrons. The foreword by Edward Teller and the summaries by Jean-Charles Abbe (Chemistry) and Alfred Seeger (Physics) demonstrate how the field is seen from "outside" and from "inside".


Edited by: E.J. Mittemeijer
Online since: January 1992
Description: The book reports on new scientific and technological developments involving:
1.the substitution of phenomenological knowledge by fundamental insight on the structure-property relations (e.g. nitriding and nitrocarburazing); 2.the modelling and control of various processes as, in particular, the classical quenching and tempering and the thermochemical processes; 3.the emergence of dedicated surface treatments, as those based on ion beams and the numerous ways for physical vapour deposition; and 4.the rise to maturity of vacuum and plasma technology including the application of (atmosphere) sensors of various kinds.


Edited by: A. Meerschaut
Online since: January 1992
Description: In the last few years the number of compounds known to show incommensurate (misfit) structures has been increasing very rapidly.


Edited by: G. Szenes
Online since: January 1992
Description: The book presents our present understanding of the basic physical processes in irradiated metals. All papers have been reviewed prior to publishing.


Edited by: G. Abbruzzese and P. Brozzo
Online since: January 1992
Description: The volumes present investigations on grain growth phenomena and their observation in various materials: metals and alloys, ceramics, sintered materials, thin films, etc.; normal and abnormal grain growth including twinning, texture, particle and other drag effects as well as analysis of topological aspects and grain size and grain orientation correlations; grain boundary structure, mobility and interaction with particles and impurity atoms. Experimental methods applicable to measurements of grain size, orientation of individual grains, etc.


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