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Edited by: J. Lucas and C.T. Moynihan
Online since: January 1985


Edited by: J.W. Halley
Online since: January 1985
Description: The book covers all aspects of the micromorphology of as-grown, etched, abraded and lapped, and fractured surfaces of single and polycrystalline solids, and glasses of as diverse substances as insulators, semiconductors, metals and polymers.


Edited by: R. Krishnan
Online since: January 1985


Edited by: M. J. Fluss and Y. C. Jean
Online since: January 1984


Edited by: A. L. Laskar et al.
Online since: January 1984
Description: A collection of invited contributions on the Reactive Element Effect on High Temperature Oxidation - After Fifty Years.


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