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Authors: João F. Mano
Abstract:Surfaces and biointerfaces are recurrent when materials are used in bio-related applications. Bio-inspired concepts have been implemented in...
Authors: Esther García-Tuñón, Jaime Franco, Bruno Dacuña, G. Zaragoza, Francisco Guitián
Abstract:The need for biomaterials in dental and orthopedic applications has increased as the world population ages. Synthetic calcium phosphate...
Authors: Jarosław Jakubowicz, K. Jurczyk, M. Jurczyk
Abstract:Formation of porous TiOx layers on Ti during electrochemical etching in H3PO4, CH3COOH electrolytes modified by HF and NH4F was described....
Authors: A.R.C. Duarte, João F. Mano, R.L. Reis
Abstract:The aim of this study was to evaluate the possibility of preparing chitosan porous matrixes using supercritical fluid technology....
Authors: Sofia G. Caridade, Esther G. Merino, Gisela M. Luz, N.M. Alves, João F. Mano
Abstract:A number of combinations of biodegradable polymers and bioactive ceramics have been used for orthopaedic applications including in hard...
Authors: Gisela M. Luz, João F. Mano
Abstract:In this study a new P-free system applied to the production of Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles (BG-NPs) is proposed, in order to evaluate the...
Authors: Iara Braga, M. José Abreu, F.M. Duarte
Abstract:The thermal insulation of a clothing system represents a quantitative assessment of the way cloth provides thermal barrier to the user. One...
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