Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luís G. Reis, P. Carvalho, C. Alves, Manuel de Freitas

Abstract: The environment is a prominent issue today. Designing environmentally sustainable products is an attempt to address this question. In many...

Authors: L.A.C. Motta, Vanderley M. John, Vahan Agopyan

Abstract: The cross section variation, mechanical properties and moisture absorption of vegetable sisal fibres compressed at temperatures of 120, 160...

Authors: José M. Silva, Tessaleno C. Devezas, A. Silva, L. Gil, C. Nunes, N. Franco

Abstract: Aerospace components are characterized by having high strength to weight ratios in order to obtain lightweight structures. Recently,...

Authors: P. Gil, J. Fernandes, M.M. Neves, Luís G. Reis

Abstract: The increasing use of biofuels, namely blends of gasoline with ethanol, requires the identification of its impact on the fuel admission...

Authors: M. Sá da Costa, Fabienne Farcas, L.F. Santos, M.I. Eusébio, António Correia Diogo

Abstract: Bitumen ageing stands for a number of physico-chemical modifications that occur in bitumen as a response to environmental conditions....

Authors: Carlos Capela, José A. Martins Ferreira, José Domingos M. Costa

Abstract: Low-density sheet moulding compounds incorporating hollow glass micro-spheres are being increasing used namely in automotive industry, boats...

Authors: A. Macias-Garcia, M.A. Diaz-Diez, M.F. Alexandre-Franco, C. Fernandez-Gonzalez, E.M. Cuerda-Correa

Abstract: Bench-scale and industrial expanded polystyrene formworks (EPSFWs) were prepared and tested in terms of shock resistance and compression...

Authors: Ya Lin Lu, Karen A. Reinhardt

Abstract: Interests in finding new rare-earth doped oxide materials able to remotely sense high temperature have been intensifying in recent years. If...

Authors: Ya Lin Lu, Karen A. Reinhardt

Abstract: Rare-earth (RE) doped oxide materials are one of the interesting sensor materials potentially able to remote-sense strain inside an object...

Authors: Pedro M. Faia, A.R. Ferreira, C.S. Furtado

Abstract: This paper reports the study of the humidity-sensitive electrical properties of TiO2:WO3 thick films. Prototype sensors have been prepared...


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