Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: W.M. de Carvalho, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, Carlson P. de Souza, M. Furukava

Abstract: The nanocrystallites in a metal matrix composite (MMC) have wide importance in the sintering area. The nanocrystallites have been related...

Authors: Marcin Madej

Abstract: The aim of the present study was to produce high speed steel – tungsten carbide – copper composites, which should have acceptable density,...

Authors: F. Toptan, Ayfer Kilicarslan, Isil Kerti

Abstract: In the present work, Al-B4C composites were produced by casting route at 850°C and titanium-containing flux was used to overcome the wetting...

Authors: Silvia Román-Lorza, J. Sabadell, J.J. García-Ruiz, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, J.A.S. Sáez

Abstract: Mayor advances have been made in the field of halogen-free flame retardant composites in the last years, mainly due to increasing regulatory...

Authors: Luís Miguel P. Durão, Daniel J.S. Gonçalves, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Victor Hugo Costa Albuquerque, António Torres Marques, A.P.M. Baptista

Abstract: The distinguishing characteristics of carbon fibre reinforced laminates, like low weight, high strength or stiffness, had resulted in the...

Authors: L.M. Torres, João F. Silva, António Torres Marques, João Pedro Nunes, Rogerio P. Marques

Abstract: This paper summarizes the results obtained in the use of plastisols of vinyl chloride homopolymer (PVC), obtained by the process of emulsion...

Authors: J.C. Velosa, João Pedro Nunes, João F. Silva, Carlos A. Bernardo, António Torres Marques

Abstract: This work establishes process windows for efficient towpreg production on a developed powder coating equipment. Three different...

Authors: Sandra M. Luz, Paulo M.C. Ferrão, C. Alves, M. Freitas, Armand Caldeira-Pires

Abstract: This work evaluates the technical performance and environmental impacts, when sugarcane bagasse is applied as reinforcement of polypropylene...

Authors: Raul D.S.G. Campilho, Marcelo F.S.F. de Moura, A.M.G. Pinto, Dimitra A. Ramantani, J.J.L. Morais, J.J.M.S. Domingues

Abstract: This work reports on the experimental and numerical study of the bending behaviour of two-dimensional adhesively-bonded scarf repairs of...

Authors: M.C.S. Ribeiro, Jordanna C. Vogt, António Torres Marques, António J.M. Ferreira

Abstract: The aim of this work is to assess the feasibility of using polymer mortars reinforced with untreated natural fibres instead of artificial...


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