Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2009

Volumes 645-648

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Thomas L. Straubinger, Erwin Schmitt, S. Storm, Michael Vogel, Arnd Dietrich Weber, Andreas Wohlfart

Abstract: One of the most crucial defects for the device fabrication on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates are areas with low crystalline quality and...

Authors: Masashi Nakabayashi, Tatsuo Fujimoto, Masakazu Katsuno, Hiroshi Tsuge, Takashi Aigo, S. Satoh, Hirokatsu Yashiro, Taizo Hoshino, Hosei Hirano, Wataru Ohashi

Abstract: In-grown type stacking faults (SFs) like structures were observed in 100mm diameter 4H-SiC crystals by Photoluminescence (PL) mappings, and...

Authors: Katsunori Danno, Hiroaki Saitoh, Akinori Seki, H. Daikoku, Y. Fujiwara, T. Ishii, H. Sakamoto, Yoichiro Kawai

Abstract: High-speed solution growth using Si-Cr based melt has been performed on on-axis 4H-SiC(0001) at a high temperature of about 2000°C. The...

Authors: Emil Tymicki, Krzysztof Grasza, Katarzyna Racka, Marcin Raczkiewicz, Tadeusz Łukasiewicz, Maciej Gała, Kinga Kościewicz, Ryszard Diduszko, Rafał Bożek

Abstract: In this work we present the growth of 4H-SiC crystals (2 inch in diameter) on the 8° off- axis C-face 6H-SiC seeds, inclined toward [11-20]...

Authors: Katarzyna Racka, Emil Tymicki, Krzysztof Grasza, Marcin Raczkiewicz, Rafał Jakieła, Michal Kozubal, Elzbieta Jurkiewicz-Wegner, Andrzej Brzozowski, Ryszard Diduszko, Miroslaw Piersa, Kinga Kościewicz, Mariusz Pawłowski, Jerzy Krupka

Abstract: Results of vanadium doping in PVT SiC bulk growth by the use of the seeding technique with an open seed backside are shown. Structural and...

Authors: Yuri N. Makarov, D.P. Litvin, A.V. Vasiliev, A.S. Segal, S.S. Nagalyuk, Heikki Helava, M.I. Voronova, K.D. Scherbachov

Abstract: In this paper, we report on the current status of our technology for the commercial production of 3” 6H-SiC substrates, including PVT growth...

Authors: Rainer Hock, Katja Konias, L. Perdicaro, Andreas Magerl, Philip Hens, Peter J. Wellmann

Abstract: We have investigated thermally induced strain in the SiC crystal lattice during physical vapor transport bulk growth. Using high energy...


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