Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2009

Volumes 645-648

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nobuyoshi Yashiro, Kazuhiko Kusunoki, Kazuhito Kamei, Akihiro Yauchi

Abstract: The stable long time growth with the use of Si -C-Ti ternary solution was realized by improving the thermal condition during the growth. We...

Authors: Im Gyu Yeo, Tae Woo Lee, Won Jae Lee, Byoung Chul Shin, Il Soo Kim, Jung Woo Choi, Kap Ryeol Ku, Young Hee Kim, Shigehiro Nishino

Abstract: The present research was focused to produce 2 inch wafers from small rectangular seeds and to investigate the quality of non-polar SiC...

Authors: Li Ying Zhou, Rainer Telle

Abstract: To improve the purity of SiC and the yield of high purity SiC in the conventional Acheson Process, the behaviour of metal oxide impurities...

Authors: Mamoru Imade, Shin Takeuchi, Masahiro Uemura, Masashi Yoshimura, Yasuo Kitaoka, Takatomo Sasaki, Yusuke Mori, Shinroh Itoh, Hiroyuki Okuda, Masanobu Yamazaki

Abstract: We attempted the vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) growth of SiC film in Si-Li solution using gaseous CH4 as a carbon source at 900 oC. A...

Authors: Gabriel Ferro

Abstract: The objective of this review is to set the present state of the art of 3C-SiC crystalline growth by emphasizing the new and promising trends...

Authors: Irina G. Galben-Sandulache, Guoli L. Sun, Jean Marc Dedulle, Thierry Ouisse, Roland Madar, Michel Pons, Didier Chaussende

Abstract: The control of the nucleation step is a critical issue for a future development of 3C-SiC bulk growth. The possibility to get very high...

Authors: Frédéric Mercier, Irina G. Galben-Sandulache, Maya Marinova, Georgios Zoulis, Thierry Ouisse, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis, Didier Chaussende

Abstract: We report in this work, the solution growth of heavily p-type doped 3C-SiC and 6H-SiC. Description of the 3C and 6H-SiC crystals in terms of...

Authors: Guoli L. Sun, Irina G. Galben-Sandulache, Thierry Ouisse, Jean Marc Dedulle, Michel Pons, Roland Madar, Didier Chaussende

Abstract: The Continuous Feed-Physical Vapor Transport Technique (CF-PVT) was optimized by considering the heating, thermal insulation and the...

Authors: Frédéric Mercier, Olivier Kim-Hak, Jean Lorenzzi, Jean Marc Dedulle, Gabriel Ferro, Didier Chaussende

Abstract: Despite outstanding properties, the development of 3C-SiC electronics is still suffering from the lack of bulk 3C-SiC substrates. Up to now,...

Authors: Yun Ki Byeun, Rainer Telle, Kyong Sop Han, Sang Whan Park

Abstract: In this study, we carried out a sol-gel processing to synthesize two types of phenol resin and TEOS sol with fluoric acid as the catalysts,...


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