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Edited by: B.C. Muddle
Online since: July 1995
Description: The term "interface" means different things structurally, according to the materials involved and their thermal and mechanical history. Moreover, an adequate description of an interface may vary considerably, according to the property being related to it.


Edited by: K.E. Heusler
Online since: March 1995
Description: This comprehensive volume covers practically all aspects concerning the passivity of metallic and semiconductor materials. Recent advances resulting from new materials in new environments, from metals and insulating films in multilayer structures, and from the chemical side of semiconductor technology are presented.


Edited by: H. Heinrich and J.B. Mullin
Online since: February 1995
Description: The main emphasis of this volume is on the fundamental physics of the II-VI compounds focusing on the properties of epitaxial layers, heterostructures, multilayers and superlattices.


Edited by: A. Reza Yavari
Online since: February 1995
Description: This volume reviews most recent developments in the field of metastable, mechanically alloyed and nanocrystalline alloys.


Edited by: Yuan-Jin He, Bi-Song Cao and Y.C. Jean
Online since: November 1994
Description: Positron Annihilation - ICPA-10 presents new results and ideas of researchers who seek more profound understanding of the nature of positron annihilation. All these scientific and technological thoughts are included in these two-volume proceedings, which contain 7 review talks, 203 contributed papers (among them, 20 are invited), and 3 summary talks. The volume is complete with keyword and author indices.


Edited by: M. Briege, H. Dittrich, M. Klose, H.W. Schock, J. Werner
Online since: September 1994
Description: Lasers are playing an increasingly important role in various fields of semiconductor and device technology. Of special significance is their contribution to the advanced technologies that are needed for economic solutions in photovoltaics. There, lasers are used in processing and characterization of photovoltaic materials, solar cells and module technology.


Edited by: Terence G. Langdon
Online since: October 1994
Description: While the superplastic phenomenon was first demonstrated in scientific experiments conducted in the United Kingdom, much of the early systematic work in this area was performed in Russia. This volume covers the recent developments concerning superplastictity phenomena in many materials classes of current interest.


Edited by: R. Delhez and E.J. Mittemeijer
Online since: July 1994
Description: Powder diffraction continues to be a highly active field of research where many interesting developments are currently taking place.


Edited by: E.J. Mittemeijer
Online since: May 1994
Description: These Proceedings provide a picture of the current knowledge and technology of heat treatment and surface engineering. Most recent developments concerning the thermodynamics and kinetics of the underlying processes are presented here. Special emphasis is placed on process control and computer modelling.


Edited by: H.J. Bunge
Online since: May 1994
Description: This book reflects quite clearly the expansion of the field of "textures" as well as the rapid growth of the texture community. During the recent years, the scope of this field has been expanded to virtually all crystalline and even partly crystalline materials including intermetallic compounds, ceramics, polymers as well as multiphase composites and even fullerenes.


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