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Edited by: H.J. Bunge
Online since: May 1994
Description: This book reflects quite clearly the expansion of the field of "textures" as well as the rapid growth of the texture community. During the recent years, the scope of this field has been expanded to virtually all crystalline and even partly crystalline materials including intermetallic compounds, ceramics, polymers as well as multiphase composites and even fullerenes.


Edited by: Y. Limoge and J.L. Bocquet
Online since: May 1994
Description: In a majority of cases, the various processes which give rise to matter transport lead to the formation of new interfaces and to the concommitant development of new phases on either side of these newly created interfaces. The latter play a particularly important role, in the sense that the reactions that produce the new phases take place there.


Edited by: M.A.J. Somers, E.J. Mittemeijer and J. Schoonman
Online since: March 1994
Description: Improvement of only the properties of the surface can largely improve the performance of the entire workpiece. Hence, engineering the surface by the application of surface layers has become of major importance.
Two, principally different routes can be followed to obtain a surface layer: (i) treating the surface of the original material (laser/electron beam hardening, plasma treatments, and thermomechanical treatments like carburizing and nitriding) or (ii) covering the surface with another material.


Edited by: J. Rouxel, M. Tournoux and R. Brec
Online since: March 1994
Description: Within the last few decades, advances in solid-state chemistry have resulted in substantial progress towards a better understanding of the solid state, and have even led to the development of some predictive capablities in crystal chemistry. Nonetheless, in more recent years, entirely new ways of thinking have appeared. The term "soft chemistry" or "chimie douce", is often applied in a general manner to refer to these new routes, these new ways of thinking.


Edited by: K.H. Kuo and S. Takeuchi
Online since: January 1994
Description: In 1994 we will mark the tenth anniversary of the discovery of quasicrystals, aperiodic crystals which lie outside the framework of traditional crystallography and which have disturbed the theory and practice of solid state physics, bringing in new perspectives. Already a substantial international community working on this topic has developed, with its own social structure, and it is time to assess the progress of the past decade and to consider future possibilities.


Edited by: S.J. Pearton
Online since: December 1993
Description: State-of-the-art reviews on all the major areas of interest are brought together in this book, namely the role of hydrogen during epitaxial growth, its entry into the material during processing, its subsequent diffusivity and bonding with dopants, other impurities or defects, its effect on device performance and reliability and positive uses for hydrogen in passivating surfaces.


Edited by: Helmut Heinrich and Wolfgang Jantsch
Online since: October 1993
Description: This comprehensive issue presents 297 papers that cover a broad range of topics in the fundamental science of imperfections in semiconductor materials including the creation and/or origin, structure, electronic, optical, thermodynamical and chemical properties of defects, often also with strong relevance to technological problems in semiconductor devices.


Edited by: J. J. Pouch and S. A. Alterovitz
Online since: October 1993
Description: Containing 42 invited papers, this fine book covers a broad range of subjects on plasmas and applications.
In the first section, plasma properties and methods used to characterize the plasma are addressed. Many of these papers also cover deposition or etching of particular materials. The second part focuses on the application of various plasma techniques used to deposit thin films, and on the resulting film properties. Finally, the application of plasma etching to the fabrication of silicon-based circuits, plasma etching of III-V compound semiconductors and other processing applications are discussed in the third and last section.


Edited by: J.J. Pouch, S.A. Alterovitz, R.R. Romanofsky and A.F. Hepp
Online since: August 1993
Description: This book points out the most recent developments in the young and exciting field of high-temperature superconductors. The contributed papers cover a large variety of different aspects of these materials, such as physical and chemical properties, fabrication and processing technology, probing techniques and device technology.


Edited by: R. Delhez and E.J. Mittemeijer
Online since: January 1993
Description: The power of powder diffraction - the diffraction analysis of polycrystalline specimens - is shown again convincingly in these Proceedings of the Second European Powder Diffraction Conference EPDIC 2.


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