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Authors: I. Aleixo, A.C. Vale, M. Lúcio, P.M. Amaral, L.G. Rosa, J. Caetano-Lopes, A. Rodrigues, H. Canhão, J.E. Fonseca, M. Fatima Vaz
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:We addressed the importance of defining a mechanical testing methodology for the compression of human trabecular bone specimens. In fact,...
Authors: Bruno Henriques, Filipe Silva, Delfim Soares
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:The purpose of this work was to perform a chemical and mechanical characterization of a preoxidized CoCrMo alumina blasted surface. This is a...
Authors: Barbara Szaraniec
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:In this work prototypes of internal fixation plates of acetabular fractures were developed and manufactured. The injection moulding was used...
Authors: Pedro Teixeira, António Pontes, Elsa Henriques
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:This research work intended to study the effect of the main injection moulding parameters in the final properties of biopolymers mouldings....
Authors: Bogdan Neagu, Eugen R. Neagu, Rui Igreja, C.J. Dias
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:Information about the spatial distribution of the electric field can be obtained by measuring the electrode impedance as a function of the...
Authors: Rui R. Costa, Artur J. Ribeiro, José C. Rodríguez-Cabello, João F. Mano
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:In the present work, chitosan (CHI) and elastin-like recombinamers (ELRs) were used to conceive nanostructured thin films driven by...
Authors: Ewa Stodolak-Zych, Magdalena Szumera, Marta Blazewicz
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:Bone defect is one of the most important problem in orthopaedic therapy in which application of a biomaterial filling is necessary. Such...
Authors: Constancio González-Obeso, Wen Long Song, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, João F. Mano
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:Biodegradable and biocompatible materials have gained increased attentions because of their applications in biomedicine and tissue...
Authors: Marcia Adriana Tomaz Duarte, Larissa Coppini, C. Lucchesi, Marcelo Macedo, Eliana Aparecida De Rezende Duek
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract:The use of bioabsorbable polymers in biomedical application has increased greatly in recent years due to their good compatibility and...
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