Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites

Volumes 116-117

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Xie, Jun Xu, Bi Cheng Yang, Zhi Feng Zhang, Li Kai Shi

Abstract: An application of the semi-solid alloy Al-6Si-2Mg to produce automobile components was carried out for farther development of this new...

Authors: J. Wannasin, David Schwam, J.A. Yurko, C. Rohloff, G. Woycik

Abstract: Aluminum-copper alloys offer both high strength and excellent ductility suitable for a number of automotive applications to reduce vehicle...

Authors: Antonio Forn, Josep A. Picas, Maite T. Baile, Sergi Menargues, V.G. García

Abstract: Anodizing is widely used in the surface treatment of aluminium alloys in order to preserve the integrity of the alloy surface, to minimize...

Authors: Sang Yong Lee, Sang Yul Lee

Abstract: TiAlN/CrN multilayer coatings with an superlattice period of 6.1nm was applied to a proto-type high temperature segment mold for Cu...

Authors: H. Wang, Jun Xu

Abstract: Water pump lid is selected as the automotive component to be cast using semisolid casting technology. Semisolid feedstock of alloy A357 was...

Authors: Gonasagren Govender, L. Ivanchev

Abstract: SSM is now considered an established technology to produce high integrity near net shape components for the automotive industry in...

Authors: Hyung Pil Park, Byung Ohk Rhee, Baeg Soon Cha

Abstract: It is well known that the family-mold has an advantage to reduce the overall production cost. However, defects are frequently occurred by...

Authors: Yu.A. Bocharov, B.I. Semenov, K.M. Kushtarov, Yu.A. Gladkov, L.V. Khizhniakova

Abstract: Technology requirements for a billet micro globular structure development and following deformation are the basic inputs in a conceptual...

Authors: Kee Hyeon Cho, Kee Ahn Lee, Moon Chul Kim, Joong Mook Yoon

Abstract: This study sought to examine the effect of various process parameters on the thickness of the amorphous strip produced by Planar Flow...

Authors: J.Y. Park, E.S. Kim, Ik Min Park

Abstract: A functional automotive part, reaction shaft support, was fabricated by local squeeze and vacuum Diecasting (LSVD) with light-weight...


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