Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Ki Duk Seong, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Semi-Solid Al-5%Mg-3%Zn-1%Mn alloys with or without 0.2%Zr were prepared by the isothermal heating of either cast ingot or extruded billet....

Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Bong Koo Park, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Various Mg-Al-Zn alloys with different Al and Zn contents were fabricated by conventional casting and semi-solid forming process. And the...

Authors: Joong Hwan Jun, Bong Koo Park, Jeong Min Kim, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Microstructures and damping properties of semi-solid AM50 (Mg-5%Al-0.3%Mn) alloy were investigated and compared with those of die-cast AM50...

Authors: Hong Jin Zhao, Yong Lin Kang, Zhao Hui Wang, Hai Liang Du

Abstract: In this paper the microstructure evolution of AZ91HP magnesium alloy casts produced under different disturbing treatment conditions such as...

Authors: Sang Yul Lee, Sang Yong Lee

Abstract: Cu-Ca alloys and the squirrel cage rotors for induction motors of small capacities were used for the development of thixoforming processes....

Authors: Dae Cheol Ko, Jung Min Lee, Byung Min Kim

Abstract: In this paper, the adhesive properties of hard coatings(TiN, TiCN) made by plasma chemical vapor depositions on non-nitrided and nitrided...

Authors: Joo Ho Lee, Young Ho Kim, Jung Il Lee, Il Ho Kim, Soon Chul Ur, Ho In Lee

Abstract: The formation and character of grain boundaries in the primary solid particles observed in the metal slurries of stircast Al-4wt%Zn-1wt%Mg...

Authors: Eui Pak Yoon, Jung Pyung Choi, W.Y. Yoon, Myung Ho Kim, K.H Kim, Tae Woon Nam

Abstract: The structural control of Al-Si alloy, which was not studied among various electromagnetic processing of materials, was considered applying...

Authors: Han Gil Suk, E.J. Shin, Moo Young Huh

Abstract: Grain growth in the cold rolled and subsequently recrystallized AA 5182 sheets was investigated by means of microstructure observations and...

Authors: Moo Young Huh, J.K. Kim, Jael Chul Lee, Han Gil Suk

Abstract: This work focuses on the strain states of the mid AA 3003 strip sandwiched in between either AA 3003 sheets or STS 430 sheets. For that...


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