Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites

Volumes 116-117

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Wannasin, R. Andy Martinez, M.C. Flemings

Abstract: Various processing methods exist for applying agitation to a molten metal during solidification to obtain metal slurries suitable for...

Authors: Rainer Gadow, Konstantin von Niessen, Peter Unseld

Abstract: New manufacturing methods for metal matrix composites (MMC) are developed. Thermally sprayed metal coatings on reinforcement-fabrics are...

Authors: Martin Wenzelburger, Maria Nieves Alsina, Konstantin von Niessen, Rainer Gadow

Abstract: Processing of light-metals in semi-solid state offers some advantages regarding process temperatures, handling of the material, but also...

Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, Hideki Inui, Hisaki Watari, Shinji Kumai

Abstract: A356 was cast into the strip by the semisolid strip casting using an unequal diameter twin roll caster. This process was one of the...

Authors: René Baadjou, H. Shimahara, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: The thixoforming processes join the advantages of conventional forming technologies as forging and casting in respect of the mechanical...

Authors: Marc Fuchs

Abstract: Bühler has developed an economical way to produce high quality structural parts using conventional die casting equipment.

Authors: R.G.S. Mussi, Tetsuichi Motegi, Fumi Tanabe, H. Kawamura, K. Anzai, D. Shiba, M. Suganuma

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration was applied to the surface of AZ91D/CNF slurries in order to homogeneously disperse the reinforcement through the...

Authors: B. Shalchi Amirkhiz, Hossein Aashuri, Amir Hossein Kokabi, M. Abbasi Gharacheh, Javad Mola

Abstract: A method for joining metals in the semisolid state is presented. A model alloy Sn-15%Pb was used to demonstrate the concept. By presented...

Authors: Qin Yue Pan, Stuart Wiesner, Diran Apelian

Abstract: The continuous rheoconversion process (CRP) is a novel slurry-on-demand process that was developed at MPI/WPI in 2002. The process is based...

Authors: N.K. Tolochko, V.I. Timoshpolski, A.S. Kalinichenko, Yu.A. Shienok

Abstract: Novel semisolid casting method to produce bulk metal ingots with homogeneous fine-grained structure is proposed. In the method, the...


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