Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites

Volumes 116-117

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Lin Kang, Yue Xu, Zhao Hui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, with a newly self-developed rotating barrel rheomoulding machine(RBRM), microstructures and mechanical properties of...

Authors: Martin Forté, Dominique Bouchard, André Charette

Abstract: The fluid flow of an A356 semi-solid aluminum alloy filling a die consisting of four tensile test bars was investigated. Numerical...

Authors: Frederik Knauf, I. Seidl, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: Rheoforging is a modification of semi-solid forging starting directly from the liquid phase instead of reheating of a billet. In this...

Authors: Koichi Ozaki, Kazuya Tsuji, Tadao Fukuta, Takahito Nomoto, Kengo Takeya, Teiji Hayakawa

Abstract: In the present study, the influence of the slurry temperature and the gate velocity on the apparent density of molded products was...

Authors: Joseph Langlais, Alain Lemieux

Abstract: As part of the foundry technology program, Alcan is developing a liquid-based slurrymaking process known as the SEED technology for...

Authors: Michael De Cicco, Lih Sheng Turng, Xiao Chun Li, John H. Perepezko

Abstract: Semi-solid casting (SSC) techniques have proven useful in the mass production of high integrity castings for the automotive and other...

Authors: T. Grimmig, A. Ovcharov, C. Afrath, Matthias Bünck, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek

Abstract: This work describes the processing of different aluminum cast- and wrought alloys in the Cooling-Channel-Process. The investigations take...

Authors: Chang Ik Ma, Ho Do Lee, Dae Up Kim

Abstract: Variations of cooling characteristics and solidification microstructure were investigated at various melt pouring temperature, mold...

Authors: Mehdi Reisi, Behzad Niroumand

Abstract: In this study effects of secondary cooling rate upon morphology and size of primary particles in Al-7.1wt% Si slurry produced by SSR...

Authors: H. Mirzadeh, Behzad Niroumand

Abstract: Higher viscosities of semisolid metallic slurries have practically made their gravity casting impossible and resulted in a need for some...


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