Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites

Volumes 116-117

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gonasagren Govender, L. Ivanchev, N. Jahajeeah, R Bëan

Abstract: The Council for Science and Industrial Research has developed and patented a rheocasting process. The process involves the preparation of...

Authors: Mario Rosso, Marco Actis Grande

Abstract: This work aims at studying the possibility of optimising the heat treatment cycles of parts produced using the New Rheocasting process in...

Authors: J.G. Sim, J.Y. Moon, J.M. Kim, Chun Pyo Hong

Abstract: Effects of ingate velocities and the morphology of α-particles on feeding behavior of thin plate were investigated in rheo-diecasting with...

Authors: Roger Sauermann, Bernd Friedrich, T. Grimmig, M. Buenck, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek

Abstract: This investigation describes the development and evaluation of thixoformable alloys on Al-Li-Mg basis in the scope of the collaborative...

Authors: Jin Kyu Lee, Young Ok Yoon, Hyung Ho Jo, Young Jig Kim, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: In recent year, various rheocasting methods, other than stirring in the semisolid state, have been developed to produce a fine globular...

Authors: E. Evangelista, Marcello Cabibbo, S. Spigarelli, C. Scalabroni, Luigi Balloni, R. Villa, G.L. Chiarmetta

Abstract: The tensile properties and the microstructure of an Al-7%Si-0.6%Mg-0.5%Cu rheo-cast component were investigated. The material underwent a...

Authors: P.K. Seo, C.G. Kang, Byung Min Kim

Abstract: Semisolid processing is now becoming of greater interest for the production of various parts than pressure die casting. In the rheo die...

Authors: Ju Fu Jiang, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Mechanical behavior of processed AZ91D magnesium alloy by equal channel angular extrusion during semi-solid isothermal compression was...

Authors: Rudi S. Rachmat, Takuya Tamura, Kenji Miwa

Abstract: This research has been investigated fluidity and microstructures characteristics of AZ 91 D alloy using new type semi-solid injection...

Authors: Jin Kyu Lee, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: This study is mainly concerned about the possibility to achieve semisolid slurry during partial solidification only through thermal and...


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