Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sung Ryong Kim, Dae Hoon Kim, Dong Ju Kim, Min Hyung Kim, Joung Man Park

Abstract: Thermal properties of PEEK/silicon carbide(SiC) and PEEK/carbon fiber(CF) were investigated from ambient temperature up to 200°C measured...

Authors: Jun Hee Sung, Hyoung Jin Choi

Abstract: Nanocomposites of conducting polymers of polyaniline (PANI), poly(oethoxyaniline) (PEOA) and polypyrrole (PPy) with clay prepared via...

Authors: Kee Hoon Won, Eulaia Siu, Chan Beum Park

Abstract: The electrochemical recycling of cofactors during enzymatic biocatalysis has long been acknowledged as a potentially powerful technology in...

Authors: Choong Ho Lee, Young Tae Cho, Kwang Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Je Woong Park

Abstract: Composite laminates help to lighten components because they have the advantage of higher strength-to-weight ratio. So, they have come to be...

Authors: Tae Won Kim, Jung Teag Kim, Chan Young Park, Chang Hun Kim, Chang Sik Ju

Abstract: Supercritical impregnation of eicosane into polyester fiber was experimentally examined. Polyester fiber was bound on the cylindrical...

Authors: J.K. Kim, Dong Seok Chung

Abstract: Thin foil hot press process was used to fabricate metal/intermetallic compound laminate composites to induce self-propagating...

Authors: Li Kun Wang, Shu Xiang Li, Lei Qin, Hong Liang Du, Li Li

Abstract: Lead magnesium niobate-lead titannate single crystal (abbreviated as PMNT) was used to fabricate PMNT/polymer 1-3-2 piezoelectric composite...

Authors: Han Jun Oh, Yong Soo Jeong, So Hyun Kwon, Chang Hoe Heo, Beom Su Ki, Choong Soo Chi

Abstract: The polymer nanotube and nanorod of polystyrene (PS) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) respectively hav been synthesized by wetting...

Authors: Swapan Kumar Sarkar, Rajat Kanti Paul, Byong Taek Lee

Abstract: Novel continuously porous alumina (25%monoclinic-Zirconia) (Al2O3-(m-ZrO2)) and tetragonal Zirconia (t-ZrO2) composites were fabricated...

Authors: Dong Wook Chae, Young Wan Nam, Seung Sangh Wang, S.M. Hong

Abstract: Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) / multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT) thermoplastic composites was melt compounded in an internal mixer....


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