Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seong Jin Hong, Sang Shik Kim, Chang Gil Lee, Sung Joon Kim

Abstract: Fatigue crack propagation (FCP) behavior of friction stir welded (FSWed) 6061-T651 Al alloy was examined with the fatigue crack growing...

Authors: Dong Hyuk Shin, Duck Young Hwang, Jung Yong Ahn, Kyung Tae Park, Yong Suk Kim, J.J. Park

Abstract: Ultrafine grained materials fabricated by severe plastic deformation exhibit both superior and inferior mechanical properties, as the...

Authors: Chin Hyung Lee, Gab Chul Jang, Hyun Chan Park, Kyong Ho Chang

Abstract: During repair welding of steel bridge under service load, vibration occurs due to the dynamic loads like wind and vehicles, etc. However,...

Authors: Tae Ho Lee, Sung Joon Kim, Suk Hoon Kang, Kyu Hwan Oh, Setsuo Takaki

Abstract: Deformation behavior of high nitrogen austenitic Fe-18Cr-18Mn-2Mo-0.9N stainless steel was investigated utilizing electron back-scattered...

Authors: Ju Young Kim, Jung Jun Lee, Yun Hee Lee, Jae Il Jang, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: Surface roughness is main source of error in instrumented microindentation when it is not negligible relative to the indentation depth. The...

Authors: Ho Sup Sim, Ki Seop Cho, Kon Bae Lee, Hyung Ryul Yang, Hoon Kwon

Abstract: In the API X65 steel, effects of rolling and cooling conditions on microstructure and mechanical properties were studied. In the case of...

Authors: Do Sik Kim, Yong Sun Choo, Kwon Pyo Hong, Jung Kyu Kim, Chul Su Kim

Abstract: The temperature dependence of the tensile properties and the fracture toughness of the cold-worked STS 304 stainless steel have been...

Authors: Kyu Ick Jung, Sang Hyun Park, Jong Ho Kim, Do Kyung Kim, Ung Yu Paik, Kee Sung Lee

Abstract: New gadolinium-yttrium zirconate thermal barrier coating(TBC) material is deposited by electron beam PVD method, as an alternative to YSZ...

Authors: Sang Hyun Park, Sang Won Myong, Yeon Gil Jung, Ung Yu Paik

Abstract: Layered structure with composition gradient between inner layer of alumina (Al2O3) and outer layer of zirconia ( ZrO2-3mol% Y2O3 ;TZ-3Y)...

Authors: Seon Mi Ha, Sang Shik Kim, Dong Yim Chang, Chang Gil Lee, Sung Joon Kim

Abstract: The effect of prior T4 heat treatment and subsequent microstructural evolution on tensile behavior of friction stir welded (FSWed)...


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