Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mi Young Park, Ho Ha, Won Baek Kim, Je Shin Park, Chang Youl Suh, Saet Byul Woo

Abstract: Non-evaporable getters (NEGs) are characterized by two major properties i.e. the activation and gas sorption rate for specific gases. Most...

Authors: Jong Ung Kim, Jeong A Lee, Beyong Hwan Ryu, Ki Won Jun, In Ho Kim, Young Min Choi

Abstract: The synthesis of high-quality monodispersed nanocrystal is very important. Typical synthetic method is rapid nucleation by injection of an...

Authors: Hyoun Woo Kim, S.H. Shim, Hae Jin Hwang, Jae Hyun Shim, Nam Hee Cho, Mi Kyoung Park, Hyuck Mo Lee, Byung Tae Ahn, Hyeong Tag Jeon, Jong Wan Park, Jin Ho Ahn, Bo Young Hur

Abstract: This study reported the fabrication of tin oxide (SnO2) nanostructures on Co-coated Si substrates by the thermal heating of Sn powders. The...

Authors: Sun Hyo Park, In Young Ryu, Won Jun Lee, Dae Joon Kim, Jung Suk Han, Myung Hyun Lee

Abstract: A hydrothermal method has been used to produce nanoparticles of 3 mol% yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (3Y-TZP) with high fracture...

Authors: Mi Jung, Seok Lee, Young Tae Byun, Young Min Jhon, Sun Ho Kim, Sun Il Mho, Deok Ha Woo

Abstract: Formation of size controlled nanohole arrays on semiconductor substrate can be used variously in applications of photonic and electronic...

Authors: Jong Keuk Park, Yong Hwa Chung, Young Do Kim, Young Joon Baik

Abstract: Al-Cr-N coatings were deposited on Si substrate by unbalanced magnetron (UBM) sputtering with Al and Cr targets and Ar and N2 reactive...

Authors: Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Gyu Seok Choi, You Suk Cho, Se Young Jeong, Do Jin Kim

Abstract: A new type of gas sensor was realized by directly depositing carbon nanotube on nano channels of the anodic alumina oxide (AAO) fabricated...

Authors: Je Hoon Oh

Abstract: Combined thermal and mechanical analyses were used to investigate the effect of joint design parameters such as the adhesive thickness and...

Authors: Zhi Hua Wang, Hong Wei Ma, Long Mao Zhao, Gui Tong Yang

Abstract: The static and dynamic compressive behaviors of open-cell aluminum alloy foams with virtually the same relative density of 0.4 were...


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