Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Ming Du, Xiao Hua Zhang, Qiong Wang, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: By semi-solid aluminum alloy compression test, deformation mechanism of semi-solid aluminum alloy was investigated, the thixotropic...

Authors: Stefan Benke, G. Laschet

Abstract: The behavior of semi-solid alloys is quite different in tension, compression and shear and depends strongly on the morphology of the...

Authors: Adriana Neag, Véronique Favier, Régis Bigot, Dan Frunză

Abstract: Thixo-extrusion processing could become an important technique to extend the range and complexity of extruded profiles. This work presents...

Authors: Wen Liu, Shu Ming Xing, Mi Lan Zhang

Abstract: An analytical model of apparent viscosity was built up based on analysis of energy dissipation during rheocasting. By study the evaluation...

Authors: Song Yang Zhang, Mao Peng Geng, Shui Sheng Xie

Abstract: The temperature fields during semi-solid magnesium alloy produced by casting-rolling technology has been simulated by finite element method...

Authors: Hong Yan, Bing Feng Zhou, Wei Pan

Abstract: The semi-solid AZ61 wrought magnesium alloy was fabricated by mechanical stirring method. Thixo-forging set-up were designed and made. The...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zhang, Yan Ying Zhang, D.Z. Wu, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) is a technology of refining crystal grain. In this paper, ECAE was introduced into the preparation...

Authors: Ahmed Rassili, Jean Christophe Pierret, G. Vaneetveld, Pierre Cezard, Régis Bigot, Marc Robelet

Abstract: The pre and post treatment of the thixoformed parts in terms of heating conditions and controlled cooling has a great influence on the...

Authors: Sebastian Dziallach, Wolfgang Püttgen, Wolfgang Bleck

Abstract: The process of thixoforming incorporates a series of forming processes in the semi-solid state, which can be categorized between the...

Authors: Eric Becker, Pierre Cezard, Régis Bigot, Laurent Langlois, Véronique Favier, Jean Christophe Pierret

Abstract: Steel thixoforging process combines the advantages of performing parts having highly complex shapes and good mechanical properties. These...


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