Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites X

Volumes 141-143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G. Vaneetveld, Ahmed Rassili, Jean Christophe Pierret, Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers

Abstract: Thixoforging is a type of semi-solid metal processing at high solid fraction (0.5

Authors: Jun Xu, Shao Ming Zhang, Bi Cheng Yang, Li Kai Shi, Z. Fan

Abstract: A new rheo-extrusion technique has been developed to produce extruded profiles. The AZ31 slurry is fabricated by a twin-screw mechanism,...

Authors: G. Vaneetveld, Ahmed Rassili, H.V. Atkinson

Abstract: Thixoforging involves shaping alloys with a globular microstructure in the semi-solid state. To reach this kind of material, the...

Authors: Myriam Brochu, Yves Verreman, Frank Ajersch, Laurent Bucher

Abstract: Aluminum alloys are increasingly used in automotive and aeronautic applications to produce high performance, lightweight parts. Among the...

Authors: H.H. Kim, S.M. Lee, C.G. Kang

Abstract: This study demonstrates fabricating rheological material by EMS system attached vacuum pump, in order to improve mechanical properties of...

Authors: Heinrich Möller, Gonasagren Govender, Waldo Stumpf

Abstract: The heat treatment cycles that are currently applied to semi-solid processed components are mostly those that are in use for dendritic...

Authors: Sang Yong Lee, Byung Hyung Choi

Abstract: The effects of thixoforming defects on the stress-strain curves of aluminum structural part were quantitatively investigated. The A357-MHD...

Authors: Young Ok Yoon, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: This study was carried out to characterize thixoextruded AZ31 Mg alloy in terms of its symmetric behavior through the optical microscope,...

Authors: Antonio Forn, Isabel Espinosa, Maite T. Baile, Elisa Rupérez

Abstract: Semi solid processing reduces porosity and amount of trapped gas and it allows heat treatment T6 that improves a hard anodized oxide layer....

Authors: Naoki Omura, Yuichiro Murakami, Ming Jun Li, Takuya Tamura, Kenji Miwa

Abstract: We have developed new type semi-solid injection process, that is, runner-less injection process which can obtain high material yield of...


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