Mechatronic Systems and Materials III

Volumes 147-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rafal Osypiuk, Torsten Kröger

Abstract: This contribution presents a new force control concept for industrial six-degree of freedom (DOF) manipulators, which uses a Hexa platform...

Authors: Jordan Mężyk, Tadeusz Kamisiński, Andrzej Zbrowski, Artur Flach

Abstract: The paper presents the structure of control section of measurement manipulator for acoustical tests in anechoic chamber. The specific of...

Authors: Józef Felis, Andrzej Zbrowski, Tomasz Giesko, Jordan Mężyk

Abstract: The article presents the structural and geometric synthesis and mechanical parameter choice for a manipulation mechanism for measurement...

Authors: Daniel Prusak, Tadeusz Uhl

Abstract: The paper reports on the main assumptions and guidelines regarding construction of a novel type of parallel micro-robot with 3 degrees of...

Authors: D. Chakarov, K. Kostadinov, D. Gotseva, T. Tiankov

Abstract: This paper describes how the web technologies are utilized for a robot system synthesis. A web application is created for automation of the...

Authors: Maryna P. Mukhina

Abstract: Monitoring and surveillance by means of mobile robots are of great importance in a number of various applications. The level of technology...

Authors: Dzmitry Kaliukhovich, Vladimir Golovko, Andreas Paczynski

Abstract: In the paper, we present the mobile robot “MAX” developed at the Systems Engineering Laboratory, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, which...

Authors: Paweł Ziemniak, Dariusz Uciński, Andreas Paczynski

Abstract: An idea of a control system architecture for a new wheeled mobile robot is proposed. The robot construction is characterized by an original...

Authors: Mihai Olimpiu Tătar, Dan Mândru

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed two wheeled-type in-pipe modular robotic systems. These modular systems are composed of driving modules (which...

Authors: Harald Loose, Marcin Zasepa, Przemyslaw Pierzchala, Robert Ritter

Abstract: This paper presents an autonomous mobile robot built on a hardware platform of a remote controlled outdoor vehicle. The components are...


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