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Authors: Grzegorz Redlarski, Andrzej Grono, Mariusz Dąbkowski, Piotr Niklas, Marcin Śliwiński
Abstract:In this paper the identification method of the parameter representing the inertia of masses flowing water throw the pipes in water power...
Authors: Shiuh Jer Huang, Chun Ming Chiu, M.C. Huang
Abstract:Piezoelectric friction actuating mechanism is chosen to construct long traveling range sub-micro X-Y positioning table. LuGre friction model...
Authors: Lukáš Bláha, Miloš Schlegel
Abstract: In this paper we study the stabilization problem of double inverted pendulum via wlywheel actuator. The main issue of the paper is whether...
Authors: Jari Ahola, Tomi Makkonen, Kalervo Nevala, Tomi Lindroos, Pekka Isto
Abstract: This paper describes the development of a neural network control for shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators as well as the control tests....
Authors: Eduard Viktorovich Remisov
Abstract:No Abstract
Authors: Bogdan Broel-Plater, Stefan Domek, Arkadiusz Parus
Abstract:The paper deals with semi-active chatter absorber based on an electrodynamic transducer built around high-energy permanent magnets. Also, a...
Authors: Marijonas Bogdevicius, Jolanta Janutėnienė, Oleg Vladimirov
Abstract:The 3D vehicle with the hydraulic braking system and disc brake with the wheel has been investigated. The dynamic models of the disk brake...
Authors: Arkadiusz Mystkowski, Zdzisław Gosiewski
Abstract:An optimal robust vibration control of a rotor supported magnetically over a wide angular speed range is presented in the paper. The...
Authors: Vytautas Barzdaitis, Vytautas Žemaitis, Rimantas Didžiokas, Pranas Mažeika
Abstract:This paper deals with condition monitoring and vibration diagnostics of vertical sulphuric acid pumps running in continuous long term...
Authors: Rolanas Dauksevicius, Vytautas Ostasevicius, Rimvydas Gaidys
Abstract:This paper presents results of numerical analysis of dynamics of a microstructure under the influence of air damping, which is modeled by...
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