Mechatronic Systems and Materials III

Volumes 147-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Robert Panowicz, Jacek Janiszewski

Abstract: Selection of a constitutive model from commonly used ones, which in the best way describes dynamic behaviour of material during...

Authors: Stanislaw Strzelecki, Sobhy M. Ghoneam

Abstract: This paper introduces the results of theoretical investigation on the dynamic characteristics of tilting 3-pad journal bearing that operates...

Authors: Zdzisław Gosiewski, Piotr Kłoskowski

Abstract: The paper presents the analytic and simulation model of the rail launcher in a static state. The force acting on the projectile and the...

Authors: Janis Viba, Lauris Shtals, Atis Vilkajs, Edgars Kovals

Abstract: In the daily life and in using technologies people interact with continuous medium like air or water. In present article a motion of the...

Authors: Oleksandr V. Uzunov

Abstract: Considered here are the questions of the simplification of the building process of the computer models. Suggested here is the “screwdriver”...

Authors: Victor Mironov, Janis Viba, Lauris Shtals

Abstract: In first part of the report motion of magnetic powder materials in a vertical or inclined pipe are investigated. Mathematical models are...

Authors: Nihat Akkus, Fatih Yücel, Ersin Toptas

Abstract: An electro-mechanic brake system, which has the potentiality to be used in future cars, has been studied and a prototype of the brake system...

Authors: Henryk Borowczyk

Abstract: The fault identifiability problem – determining necessary conditions of non-redundant set of symptoms that distinguish system’s faults – is...

Authors: Paweł Ostapkowicz

Abstract: A new method for the diagnosing of leaks from liquid transmission pipelines is proposed in this paper. The solution consists in the...

Authors: Paweł Lindstedt

Abstract: While an aircraft engine is being used, its wear takes place. Its gain coefficients decrease and at the same time its time constants...


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