Mechatronic Systems and Materials III

Volumes 147-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Grzegorz Suwała, Łukasz Jankowski

Abstract: This paper present and validates experimentally a model-less methodology for off-line identification of modifications of nodal masses. The...

Authors: A. Barakauskas, Albinas Kasparaitis, Saulius Kausinis, R. Lazdinas

Abstract: The main causes of uncertainty in measurement regarding long-stroke line scales are line detection errors and external factors, especially...

Authors: V.P. Makarychev

Abstract: The methods of image processing for problems of detection and the analysis of movements and detection of concrete objects moving in video...

Authors: Marcin Derlatka, Jolanta Pauk

Abstract: In the paper the procedure of processing biomechanical data has been proposed. It consists of selecting proper noiseless data, preprocessing...

Authors: Daniel Dusek

Abstract: This paper deal with possibility of cochlea function principle utilization for decomposition any non-stationary signals. The mathematical...

Authors: Jolanta Pauk, Marcin Derlatka, Rafał Długosz, Marta Kolasa

Abstract: Human gait analysis and classification is the process of identifying individuals by their walking manners. Computerized gait analysis using...

Authors: Adam Kotowski

Abstract: The paper presents the use of the autocorrelation function for the description of vibrations and the problems connected with. The proposed...

Authors: Marek A. Książek, Daniel Ziemiański, Leszek Nosiadek

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to identify the parameters of a new plane biodynamic model of a man jumping down on a hard base. In the...

Authors: O.S. Antropov, V.F. Borulko, V.M. Dolgov, O.O. Drobakhin, S.M. Vovk

Abstract: A new approach for solving sinusoid extraction problem in presence of distortions is proposed. Formulation of considered problem contains...

Authors: İsmet Gücüyener, Erdal Emel

Abstract: Vibration measurement of CNC milling is one of the used techniques for prediction of tool wear. Monitoring of tool wear is very important...


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