Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Johan Moulin, Bhaskar Kaviraj, El Houcine Oubensaïd, Francisco Alves, Uday P. Deshpande, Ajay Gupta, Elisabeth Dufour-Gergam

Abstract: Thin films of amorphous FeCuSiNbB alloy have been deposited by RF sputtering with various deposition rates. The bulk oxygen content has been...

Authors: Irina S. Tereshina, S.A. Nikitin, G.A. Politova, A.S. Ilyushin, A.A. Opolenko, Gennady S. Burkhanov, O.D. Chistyakov, T. Palewski

Abstract: In this work, the structural and magnetic properties of single-phase TbxDyyHoz(Fe,Co)2 (x + y + z = 1) alloys have been investigated by...

Authors: V.N. Berzhansky, A.S. Nedviga, V.G. Vishnevskii, A.R. Prokopov

Abstract: High coercive garnet-ferrite films are being synthesized for thermo-magnetic recording, for example, by focused laser beams. These films can...

Authors: E. Voronina, Eugene P. Yelsukov, A. Korolyov, S. Nagamatsu, T. Fujikawa, T. Miyanaga

Abstract: The results of magnetometric, Mössbauer and XMCD (X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism) studies of B2 or DO3–type ordered (25 to 35 at.%Al) and...

Authors: Leyla E. Isaeva, D.I. Bazhanov, S.S. Kulkov, S.E. Kulkova, Igor A. Abrikosov

Abstract: In this paper we have studied from first-principles the effect of magnetism on the hydrogen-metal interaction and the binding properties of...

Authors: Tatiana Yu. Kiseleva, Alla A. Novakova, M.I. Chistyakova, A.O. Polyakov, Tatiana S. Gendler, Tatiana F. Grigorieva

Abstract: Solid phase high energy mechanochemical interaction of α-Fe2O3(hematite) and Fe in powder mixture have been studied. The formation of...

Authors: A. V. Chzhan, V.N. Vasiliev, T.N. Isaeva, G.S. Patrin

Abstract: Specially picked up web-chamber is used for visualization of domain structure in hematite. An analysis of domain configuration shows, that...

Authors: L.A. Shreder, V.S. Gaviko, N.V. Mushnikov, P.B. Terent’ev

Abstract: Temperature dependences of the lattice parameters, magnetization and magnetic susceptibility have been measured for the ErFe2Hx hydrides...


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