Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H. Arabi, S. Nateghi, S. Sadeghi

Abstract: Iron oxide nanoparticles were synthesis by reverse micelle method. X-ray diffraction technique and vibration sample magnetometer were...

Authors: Yu. B. Kudasov, Dmitry Andreevich Maslov

Abstract: The model of magnetic structure of Fe/V superlattices is discussed. An individual iron layer of 2 or 3 ML in thickness is assumed to be a XY...

Authors: A.A. Timopheev, S.M. Ryabchenko, V.M. Kalita, A.F. Lozenko, P.A. Trotsenko, A.M. Grishin, M. Munakata

Abstract: In order to study the magnetic interactions influence on the relaxation processes in superparamagnetic media, the magnetostatic measurements...

Authors: Ivan Volkov, Oleg Snigirev, Alexander Maresov, Alexander Volkov, Yasukuni Torii, Saburo Tanaka

Abstract: The method of SQUID-based relaxometric diagnostics has been applied to the ensembles of non-interacting near-spherical Fe3O4 and Co...

Authors: O.S. Ivanova, I.S. Edelman, R.D. Ivantsov, V. Zabluda, V. Zaikovskiy, S. Stepanov

Abstract: Nano-composite structures based on potassium-aluminum-germanium glasses doped simultaneously with Fe and rare earth (RE) oxides - Gd, Tb,...

Authors: Alexander Korshunov, Yu. B. Kudasov, Dmitry Andreevich Maslov, V. Pavlov

Abstract: A two-dimensional Ising-like model for the triangular spin-chain lattice, where each spin chain is treated as a rigid superspin, is proposed...

Authors: A.V. Tsvyashchenko, V.A. Sidorov, L.N. Fomicheva, J.D. Thompson, F. Ronning, A.N. Ponomarev

Abstract: Bulk nanocrystalline EuC6 was prepared by the route of high pressure and high temperature synthesis. The material exhibits ferromagnetic...

Authors: Yu. B. Kudasov

Abstract: The magnetic phase diagram of Ising spin chains packed into the frustrated triangular lattice is discussed. A structure of a low-temperature...

Authors: Andrey V. Svalov, V.O. Vas’kovskiy, José M. Barandiarán, Iñaki Orue, A.N. Sorokin, G.V. Kurlyandskaya

Abstract: Magnetic, magnetoresistive and structural properties of Tb/Ti and Tb/Si nanoscale multilayers prepared by alternative deposition of Tb...

Authors: V. Karoutsos, Panagiotis Poulopoulos, M. Angelakeris, E.T. Papaioannou, Paul Fumagalli, N.K. Flevaris

Abstract: Co/Pt multilayers reside among the best candidates for perpendicular magneto-optic recording. In this work, Co/Pt multilayers were prepared...


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