Nanostructured Materials, Thin Films and Hard Coatings for Advanced Applications

Volume 159

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Stan Veprek, Rui Feng Zhang, Maritza G. J. Veprek-Heijman, Shu Hong Sheng, Ali S. Argon

Abstract: The recent attempts to design new super- and ultrahard materials concentrate predominantly on those with high elastic moduli. This approach...

Authors: S.J. Bull

Abstract: In most coating applications damage resistance is controlled by the mechanical properties of the coating, interface and substrate. For...

Authors: Christian Brylinski

Abstract: Because of strong synergy with information technology, visible light imaging, and solar cell businesses, most of the devices for medium and...

Authors: Volker Cimalla, C. C. Röhlig, V. Lebedev, Oliver Ambacher, Katja Tonisch, Florentina Niebelschütz, Klemens Brueckner, Matthias A. Hein

Abstract: With the increasing requirements for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) regarding stability, miniaturization and integration, novel...

Authors: Maya Marinova, Alkyoni Mantzari, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis

Abstract: This work presents some recent results on the 3C-SiC structural defects, studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The samples...

Authors: Cyril Popov, Wilhelm Kulisch, Christo Petkov, Johann Peter Reithmaier

Abstract: UNCD/a-C composite films have been deposited by microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition from methane/nitrogen mixtures with 17% CH4 in...

Authors: Tatyana Koutzarova, Svetoslav Kolev, Kornely Grigorov, Chavdar Ghelev, Andrzej Zaleski, Robert E. Vandenberghe, Marcel Ausloos, Catherine Henrist, Rudi Cloots, Ivan Nedkov

Abstract: Thin hexagonal barium hexaferrite particles synthesized using the microemulsion technique were studied. A water-in-oil reverse microemulsion...

Authors: B. Mednikarov

Abstract: Traditionally, the term hard coatings refer to the property of high hardness in mechanical sense with good tribological properties [1]. With...


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