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Authors: Bronisław Tomczuk, Jan Zimon
Abstract:Field analysis was applied to the simulation of magnetic field distribution and calculation of its integral parameters in an active magnetic...
Authors: Joanna Pawłat, Xue Feng Li, Tadashi Sugiyama, Takahiro Matsuo, Yurij Zimin, Toshitsugu Ueda
Abstract:As one of applications for Microstructured Optical Fiber, a new device for measurement of low gas concentration was designed. In the...
Authors: M. Gizelska, D. Kozanecka, Z. Kozanecki
Authors: Zdzisław Gosiewski, Krzysztof Falkowski, Marius Zokowski
Abstract:The design and introductory calculations of a bearingless induction motor is presented in the paper. Advantages of bearingless motors are:...
Authors: Roma Rinkeviciene, Andrius Petrovas
Abstract: The paper presents the model of vector controlled induction motor. Induction motor model is carried out in reference frame, fixed on stator....
Authors: Jakub Łagodziński
Abstract:Two issues are discussed in the paper. The first one concerns the FEM modelling of the magnetic field enclosing the permanent magnet – reed...
Authors: Stanisław Jalbrzykowski, Marek Brański, Krzysztof Falkowski
Abstract:There is presented PWM power amplifier for the inductance load. The PWM amplifier assigns to supply the active magnetic bearings which...
Authors: Adam Penczek, Andrzej Mondzik, Tomasz Siostrzonek
Abstract:he paper presents a three-phase rectifier with sinusoidal source current which enables energy to be fed back to the AC supply network. It has...
Authors: Bronisław Tomczuk, Andrzej Waindok
Abstract:Electromagnetic tubular linear actuators are very important in mechatronic systems. The new construction of the linear actuator is presented...
Authors: Paweł Dworak, Krzysztof Pietrusewicz
Abstract: The paper presents a methodology of designing a velocity control system for a DC motor servo drive that is widely used in CNC power...
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