Mechatronic Systems and Materials III

Volumes 147-149

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marek Stania, Ralf Stetter

Abstract: This paper presents the patented mechanical concept for steering and level control of a mobile robot equipped with four driving units and...

Authors: Andrzej Grono, Mariusz Dąbkowski, Piotr Niklas, Grzegorz Redlarski

Abstract: Robotics is actually one of the most important technologies; which in the last year has been developing very fast. It’s interdisciplinary...

Authors: Petar Ćurković, Bojan Jerbić, Tomislav Stipančić

Abstract: In this paper, an integration of Honey bees mating algorithm (HBMA) and adaptive resonance theory neural network (ART1) for efficient path...

Authors: Mariusz Dąbkowski, Andrzej Grono, Piotr Niklas, Grzegorz Redlarski

Abstract: In paper the methodology of complete coverage of unknown area by autonomous mobile robot is described. The main principles of complete...

Authors: Viorel Stoian, Mircea Nitulescu, Cristina Pana

Abstract: We present in this paper several ideas about the usability of the robotic arms and mobile robots as an assistive technology in a smart house...

Authors: Jakub Nowacki, Mariusz Dąbkowski, Piotr Niklas, Grzegorz Redlarski

Abstract: In this paper the authors present the localization system which uses triangulation and trilateration to position mobile robot in the...

Authors: Laura Ostaseviciute, Egidijus Kazanavicius

Abstract: The key objective of the research, presented in this paper, is one of the integral parts of the intelligent home – smart domestic...

Authors: Roman Trochimczuk, Marek Gawrysiak

Abstract: In the work the new concept of polar positioning system, alternative for Cartesian one, is presented. The mathematical model which allows...

Authors: Vytautas Bagdonas, Vytautas Ostasevicius

Abstract: This article describes a sub-millimeter micromotor, one of achievements of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) science that is driven by...

Authors: Andrius Petrovas, Roma Rinkeviciene, Saulius Lisauskas

Abstract: Control theory proposes to apply observers in systems with uncertain plant parameters. Observers can be used for calculation of feedback...


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