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Authors: Kotoji Ando, Yasuharu Shirai, M. Nakatani, Y. Kobayashi, S. Sato
Authors: Anke Bernstein, Renate Gildenhaar, Georg Berger, Hermann O. Mayr

Abstract: Bioactive ceramics such as β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) promote and enhance biological fixation. Ceramics with a porous interconnected...

Authors: Inga Narkevica, Aigars Reinis, Lauma Bugovecka, Ingus Skadiņš, Errj Sansonetti, Juta Kroča, Jurijs Ozolins

Abstract: Biomaterials used in bone repair must satisfy certain criteria in order to perform without undesirable immunological response. They must be...

Authors: Pierre Layrolle, Serge Baroth, Eric Goyenvalle, Eric Aguado, Françoise Moreau, G. Daculsi

Abstract: An hydrated putty was prepared by mixing submicron particles, rounded particles and granules of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP) ceramics...

Authors: David Huson, Stephen Hoskins

Abstract: The Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England has over five years experience in the 3D printing of ceramic...

Authors: Yan Fang Shen, Wan Song, Xin Yu Cui, Tian Ying Xiong

Abstract: TiO2 is a promising photocatalyst with great potential for environment purification and energy conversion. TiO2...

Authors: Sebastian Stanislawek, Andrzej Morka, Tadeusz Niezgoda

Abstract: The paper presents a numerical study of a double layer composite panels impacted by a AP (Armor Piercing) 51WC projectile. The standard...

Authors: Yu Ping Tong, Rui Zhu Zhang, Shun Bo Zhao, Chang Yong Li

Abstract: Well-dispersed fluorite Er2Zr2O7 nanocrystals have been successfully prepared by a convenient salt-assistant combustion method. The effects...

Authors: Pius Bamidele Mogaji, Tamba Jamiru, Dawood Desai, Rotimi Sadiku

Abstract: Efforts at utilizing ceramic materials with their undeniably interesting range of properties in automobile manufacture, has persisted for...

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