Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Xiang Yan, Jiang Jiang, Xian Ju Yang, Min Xuan Zhang

Abstract: Capacity sharing is efficient for private L2 caches to utilize cache resources in chip multiprocessors. We propose a probabilistic sharing...

Authors: Hong Ke Xu, Wei Song Yang, Jian Wu Fang, Chang Bao Wen, Wei Sun

Abstract: The current self-organizing feature map (SOFM) neural network algorithm used for image compression, of which a large amount of network...

Authors: Tao Ma, Mei Ping Wu, Xiao Ping Hu, Guan Nan Li

Abstract: Instability is the inherent limitation of downward continuation. Based on integral iteration idea and regularization theory, a...

Authors: Xin Wang, Rui Ying Zhao

Abstract: A reverse driving control method for one type of hydrostatic mobile machinery is devised in this paper. Based on the analysis of dynamics of...

Authors: Ying Jie Song, Cui Cui Lv

Abstract: This paper, based on the analysis of the innate properties of productive activities of logistics service industry, constructs input and...

Authors: Yan Ming Li, Chang Bao Wen, Li Min Wen

Abstract: A time-programmable soft-start circuit with hiccup control for switching regulators is presented. By using a novel soft-start voltage...

Authors: Bao Juan Liang, Yong Feng Ju

Abstract: with the rapid development of information technology, the control mechanism of traffic is continuous improved towards automatic and...

Authors: Xin Hua Fan, Bing Jun Zhang, Dong Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a word sense disambiguation method by reconstructing the context using the correlation between words. Firstly, we figure...

Authors: Zhong Liang Li, Guo Jiang Xia

Abstract: Inspired by Accumulate-Repeat-Accumulate (ARA) codes, in this letter we propose a new channel coding scheme called...

Authors: Shuai Yuan, Min Dan Bai, Hua Qing Zhang

Abstract: As a powerful branch of error-control coding, Turbo codes have been paid a great attention since they are proposed. Due to the powerful...


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