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Authors: An Zhi Yan, Qi Kong, Jing Jing Lu
Abstract: A new semi-active MR-TMD control device, which is consisted of TMD which take the gasifier as the damper mass and a magneto-rheological damper, was proposed to solve the problem of factory building vibration when the gasifier is working in it. The feasibility and effectiveness of semi-active MR-TMD control system for structural vibration control under rectangular periodic excitations were simulated and analyzed by adopting one semi-active control algorithm proposed by the author. The control effect of semi-active MR-TMD, passive TMD and active AMD were compared by adopting the same model structure. Numerical simulations show that the damping performance of using semi-active MR-TMD control is better than that of using passive TMD control and active AMD control; the displacement and acceleration of the structure’s each floor have decreased significantly. It also indicates that the semi-active controlling method is available.
Authors: Mohammad Iqbal Khan
Abstract: The evaluation of the tensile strength and determination of the tensile stress-strain curve using indirect tests becomes approximate hence there is a necessity for exploring direct tensile strength measurement. This investigation is part of ongoing research on the development of direct tensile strength measurement. In this paper direct tensile strength test has been proposed and the results obtained have been compared with compressive strength and flexural strength. It has been found that results obtained are well comparable and relationships are similar to that proposed in earlier findings.
Authors: Cai Yun Guan, You Ming Chen, Wen Jie Qin
Abstract: This paper presents the development of a dynamic model of the valve train of one engine. During the parameter determination of the model, finite element method is used to calculate the contact stiffness of the cam-follower . The simulation results of the model are compared with measured data of the valve train at same speed. Excellent quantitative agreement is found between the numerical and experimental results and the validity of the dynamic model can be verified.
Authors: Hong Lu, Hong Sheng Li, Shu Min Fei, Wei Feng Cao
Abstract: To handle occlusion and accumulation error in tracking procedure, a novel method is proposed. Firstly, the object feature is modeled with kernel based color histogram. Then, mean shift is used to localizing the object with Kalman filter providing initial iteration location and scale. Object observation value is acquired by weighting the similarities of hue and saturation in x and y-directions. Finally, occlusion and scene disturbance are judged by maximal similarity and the matching deviation, so as to selectively update the object model. To suppress the accumulation error, the noise covariance is updated according to the iteration error in the latest N frames. Experimental results show that the proposed method is robust in tracking the occluded objects under complex scene.
Authors: Chu Shu Zhang, Qing Li Yang, Ji Chao Mou, Zhi Qiang Liu, Li Na Yu, Jie Sun, Jie Bi
Abstract: The choice and consumption of emulsifier and stabilizer are one of the main factors affecting stability for peanut mango milk. The stabilizer of mango peanut milk was guar gum, the dosage was 0.15%; The optimum emulsifier was the mixture of sucrose fatty acid ester , monoglyceride and polyglycerol fatty acid ester(1:1:1), the dosage was 0.24%.The study developed a nutrient-rich, stable state of the organization of peanut mango milk.
Authors: Wu Jian Li, Rui Bo Hu, Xi Ye, Na Li, Hui Chen
Abstract: Today, the inheritance and protection of national culture become increasingly prominent. The findings can be seen that worship plays an important role in Wa nationality through the analysis of Cow Head and Wooden Drum in Wa’s totem worship. Combing with the design of specific cases and Wa’s totem worship, at the same time, extracted the national elements, furniture product design have been carried out. According to the aesthetic demand modern people and human body size scale, the design started which is not only good to realize national culture inheritance and protection, but also will push modern furniture design into the market. It is a good way to inherent and protect national culture, meanwhile, making a profit and reward.
Authors: Tian He, Xian Dong Liu, Ying Chun Shan, Qiang Pan
Abstract: A method to extract rolling element fault characteristics from fault signal, based on local mean decomposition (LMD) and Fourier transform (FT), is introduced in this study. The LMD’s characteristics are obtained by processing multi-component frequency and amplitude modulation signal, which are usually used to describe the bearing fault signals. Base on the simulation analysis, the envelope spectrum method called LMD-FT is presented to deal with the vibration signals of rolling balling bearing with element fault. The results show that the rolling element defect can be diagnosed by LMD-FT effectively
Authors: Long Chen, Li Xun Cai, Di Yao
Abstract: Abstract: Based on the cyclic elasto-plastic HRR field near the crack tip under the cyclic loading, combined with the Manson-Coffin theory, a unit average damage over the plastic strain magnitude of the node in the cyclic plastic region was defined. Then, combined with the linear damage accumulation theory-Miner law, the crack was assumed to advance each step of the size of cyclic plastic region along the extending direction. Therefore, a new model for predicting the fatigue crack growth (FCG) of the opening mode crack based on the low cycle fatigue damage was set up. In the new model, a variable factor to calculate the blunting size during the process of crack advancement was applied, and the plastic damages of the material located in the cyclic plastic region along the extending direction were considered. Obviously, the advantage of the new model is that every factor has clearly physical meaning which does not need any human debugging. Based on the low cycle fatigue (LCF) data gained from the laboratory, the predictions of the FCG by the new model is consistent with the test results of X12CrMoWVNbN 10-1-1. What’s more, according to the reference papers, the good predictability of the new model on four materials is also discussed.
Authors: Shao Jun Fu, Chuan Cheng Zhu, Zhen Ke Huang
Abstract: On the base of studying on mechanism of the deformation and bearing capacity of vibro-replacement stone column foundation thoroughly, the assumptive conditions are presented. The composite 2-dimension numerical model of the stone column is established, this model considers the couple of stress-strain with Biot consolidation and the reinforced efficiently, the finite element analysis program is developed according to this model. The reliability and validity of APOSE is verified by a simple example. The results show that APOSE can be applied to analyze the consolidation and subsiding for vibro-replacement stone column, etc

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