Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Gang Yang, Kui Ouyang

Abstract: In order to reduce the longitudinal displacement of longitudinal floating bridge subject to earthquake excitation, seismic response...

Authors: Yu Suo Wang, Ke Yue Zhang, Jian Hui Tang, Dong Liang

Abstract: On conditions of different weight and height, the tunnel portal structure’s accelerations evoked by rock-fall impaction have been researched...

Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Ning Zhao

Abstract: Abstract. This paper introduces an architecture design of airborne equipment integrated mounting shelf, including constitution of mounting...

Authors: Rui Run Chen, Hong Sheng Ding, Jing Jie Guo, Yan Qing Su, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: The ingot of Ti47Al alloy was prepared by a newly developed rapid directional solidification, the microstructure and compressive properties...

Authors: Yi Zhu, Xi De Lai, Li Fa Wang

Abstract: A vibration calculation model for a large-scale hydraulic turbine group is built to act on the unbalanced force between the rotor and the...

Authors: Jeng Hsiang Lin

Abstract: The estimation of dynamic responses of a bridge under vehicle loads moving along the bridge is frequently a problem of great interest for...

Authors: Zhong Tang Gao, Min Hua Zhang

Abstract: Send laser cladding experiments to the substrate surface in 16Mn in the Synchronous way. By different laser cladding parameters on the...

Authors: Zhen Hai Gao, Gen Hua Yan, Peng Liu, Fa Zhan Chen, Fei Ming Lv

Abstract: In this paper we conduct study on flow-induced vibration of large-span upwelling radial steel Gate and its hydraulic hoist. Place an...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Li Chen, Jian Kui Zhao, Chun Lin Peng

Abstract: A theoretical analytical solution on the linear responses of axially loaded beams subjected to arbitrary transverse impulsive loads was...

Authors: Long Han Xie, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: Hairspring is a fine spiral spring, which is the key component in mechanical watch movement for timekeeping. According to literatures, there...


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