Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yin Lan Bai, Da Yong You, Guo Qing Lu, Chen Xin Liu

Abstract: Stress-strain is commonly used in engineering; however the real stress-strain is more used in the test and exploitation of new product....

Authors: Jun Ci Cao, Rong Chao Qian, Wei Li Li

Abstract: 3kW two poles induction motor with compound cage rotor is illustrated in this paper, and 2-D thermal stress field of induction motor rotor...

Authors: Bo Yao, Li Xun Cai, Chen Bao

Abstract: Based on a series of tests and elastic-plastic contact finite element analyses, a sharp indentation method for predicting the constitutive...

Authors: Run Sheng Wang, Li Wen Guo

Abstract: Because of rock slope,surface Mine is full of danger. In this paper, the monitoring system configuration and data processing are discussed...

Authors: Hu Cheng, Xin Chi Yan

Abstract: This article analyses the theories of two methods of matrix displacement and finite element, and the application of calculation in the...

Authors: Yan Feng Wang, Chang Ming Qiu, Hong Chan Sun

Abstract: The hardness of Mn13 can increase if taking asynchronous cold rolling technique .The mechanism of work hardening after asynchronous cold...

Authors: Qiu Hong Tian, Li Ping Yan, Tao Yang, Ben Yong Chen

Abstract: Material deformation measurements are divided into two main classes: contact type measurement and non-contact type measurement. The...

Authors: Li Dan Chen

Abstract: Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is adopted to determine the contents of typical metal elements (Fe, Cu and Cr) in automatic...

Authors: Guang Hui Yang, Jie Zhang, Jian Guo Cao

Abstract: Aiming at the strip edge drop control, the three dimensional finite element roll system models were built. From the point of the burdened...

Authors: Ge Hua Fan, Yu Cai Dong, Liang Hai Yi, Jing Xia

Abstract: We discuss the existence of periodic positive solution of one kind of multiple time-delay functional differential equations with the cone...


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