Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Gong, Ying He, Chun Zhang, Jian Hua Zhu, Li He

Abstract: The microcellular foaming PP/GF composites was made under the condition of twice-open mold by using chemical foaming injection method,...

Authors: Jia Dong, Gen Hua Yan

Abstract: Abstract: The section of diversion penstock near the powerhouse behind dam in some hydropower station is equipped with expansion joints,...

Authors: Ke Wu Peng, Peng Zhang, Jian Guo Xie, He Li Ma

Abstract: Liquidus temperature, electrical conductivity and phase composition of Al2O3 -CaO-CaF2 slag system were...

Authors: Zhi Yong Zhang, Cai Xia Huang, Xin Liu, Xiang Hong Wang

Abstract: Due to the virtue in energy consumption, response time and work reliability, the magneto-rheological (MR) damper is a new promising devices...

Authors: Zhi Jun Xu, Zeng Xin Yu

Abstract: A fluid-solid interaction FEM of entire hydraulic mount of vehicular engine are presented. The dynamic response of the hydraulic mount is...

Authors: Gang Wang, Chi Yu

Abstract: A numerical simulation model which describes the ice-cone interaction process is presented. The model is based on the field observation...

Authors: Xiao Ying Gong, Jun Wu Dai

Abstract: Many RC frame structures were severely damaged or collapsed in some layer. The phenomenon was significantly different from the expected...

Authors: Ji Duo Jin, Ning Li

Abstract: The stability of a supported cylinder subjected to axial flow is studied numerically. The dynamics of the cylinder is investigated with the...

Authors: Wei Fang Xu, Xi Cheng Huang, Zhi Ming Hao, Yang Wang, Yuan Ming Xia, Yong Yao

Abstract: In penetration problems, the heterogeneity of the concrete would affect the ballistic responses. The presented paper studied the influence...

Authors: Liang Hao, Hong Shuang Di, Dian Yao Gong

Abstract: Based on the principles of heat transfer, finite difference method was adopted to develop program of calculating thermal crown of...


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