Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shazarel Shamsudin, Phoon Chee Yoon

Abstract: Product with low cost, lightweight and enhanced mechanical properties were the main reasons welding dissimilar materials thrived by most of...

Authors: Wen Yan Wang, Pei Wang, Jing Pei Xie, Gao Lu, Xiao Ming Dong, Hui Wu Yu

Abstract: In this study, Nd: CW CO2 laser were used in LSA experiment on Steel C1045 with four different systems alloyed by Sub-Micron...

Authors: Ming Kai Zhou, Qing Lin Zhao, Xiao Chen, Zhi Yong Fan

Abstract: Stabilized aggregate containing Special cement with desulfurization residue is characterized by long setting time, slight expansion, and...

Authors: Rui Ling Wang, Shi Rong Li

Abstract: Architecture is one of the most element of urban composition.During urban renewal, how to follow the characteristics of mountain, how to...

Authors: Bao Liang Li, Heng Feng Zhang, Zang Lei

Abstract: Based on the design conditions,the structure strength and modal analysis are carried on the impeller by One-way Fluid-structure Interaction...

Authors: Wen Jun Hu, Xi Cheng Huang, Fang Ju Zhang, Cheng Jun Chen

Abstract: Uni-axial quasi-static tests at strain rates 10-5, 10-4, 10-3,10-2 and 10-1...

Authors: Hong Xiang Tang, Zhao Long Hu

Abstract: A basic 3D Cosserat continuum theory and corresponding finite element formulations are deduced. The deflections of a cantilever beam are...

Authors: Qiang Feng

Abstract: Saturated and unsaturated seepage analysises are given for Dashiban Landslide applied multi-day rainstorm once in hundred years including...

Authors: Shao Rong Yu, Yi Hui Yin, Bing Xu

Abstract: The deterministic analytic stress formula of double-Layer pressure vessels is derived. The optimum radius ratio between the inner and outer...

Authors: Shao Hua Guo

Abstract: The motion equations of anisotropic media, coupled to the mass conservation and thermo-equilibrium equations of fluid, are studied here...


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