Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Rong Huang, Yi Jie Zhu, Jia Yuan Guo, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Abstract: A model of leaf spring composed with ten spring laminations is established by the language of APDL. The model is loaded with...

Authors: Yang Sun, Chun Yu Sun, Guang Chen

Abstract: Soy protein isolate(SPI) based edible film as matrix materials have been prepared using the casting techniques. Ultrasound treatment (UT)...

Authors: Hong Peng Zhang, Wen Huang, Yin Dong Zhang, Yan Shen, Dong Qing Li

Abstract: Wear debris in hydraulic oil causes most of the faults of hydraulic system and is also an important information carrier, so it is essential...

Authors: Guo Zhen Li, Shuang Ai, Zhao Jun Hou, Yue Dong Yao

Abstract: With the fast development of the natural gas industry, volcanic gas reservoirs have been paid an increasing attention. Many deep gas wells...

Authors: Hai Yang Chen, Xiu Jun Liu, Jian Li, Xing Hua Hou

Abstract: After the research of detailed geological exploration report, as well as the selection and optimization of foundation processing programs,...

Authors: Dai Heng Chen, Lu Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the crushing behavior of stepped circular tubes under oblique compression is studied by finite element method (FEM) analysis....

Authors: Song Tao Wang, Zhe Li, Min Li Zheng, Yi Hang Fan

Abstract: Because of the variety of processing methods, broad range and uncertainty of processing parameters when machining aeroengine structure...

Authors: Ai Li Zou, Liang Wang, Dong Sheng Li

Abstract: When the aircraft skin is in the process of trimming and on the flexible vacuum cup fixture, by analyzing the stress to the aircraft skin...

Authors: Qing Ping Zhang, Zhi Geng Fan

Abstract: Based on Kelvin model, the large deformations of elastomeric foams were simulated by finite element method (FEM). Numerical results...

Authors: Jing Zou, Qing Xu Wang, Sheng Zhe Shi, Jie Zhou

Abstract: The character of lines and high-speed performance of trimaran planing hull is briefly introduced. By use of model experiments the law of...


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