Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Liu, Xiao Bo Wang, Wen Jie Qin

Abstract: The parameterized multi-body system dynamics model of the valve train of a diesel engine is built in ADAMS. The spring stiffness, spring...

Authors: Jia Dong Ji, Bao Jun Shi, Ting Yi Yang, Ji Yong Wang

Abstract: To more accurately simulate the pressure distribution of the ultra-thin air bearing film, Reynolds equation must be modified to account for...

Authors: Guo Fa Zhou, Ting Peng

Abstract: It has been found that viscoelastic fluid has evident heat transfer enhancement function in macro scale. But in micro scale, viscoelastic...

Authors: Jaroslaw Nowak, Dmytro S. Svyetlichnyy, Łukasz Łach

Abstract: In the paper a flow stress model based on the dislocation theory in consideration of the recrystallization is shortly presented. The model...

Authors: Ling Ren, De Hong Xia

Abstract: The linear stability of flows confined between two concentric rotating cylinders with wall slip is examined. The curves of marginal...

Authors: Mu Lan Wang, Yong Feng, Xiao Xia Li, Bao Sheng Wang

Abstract: An experimental system used for temperature measurement is designed by the K-type thermocouple thermometry to achieve a direct measurement...

Authors: Hai Long Shen, Gomri Abdelhak, Qing Tong Chen, Yu Min Su

Abstract: This paper describes the hydrodynamic performance prediction of ship hull with propeller by using CFD techniques. As an attempt in...

Authors: Rong Gen Deng, Wei Ming Liao

Abstract: Based on field investigation and lab analysis, litter production and season dynamic in the different ages of Eucalyptus plantation (2006,...

Authors: Kai Xin Song, Peng Zheng, Xiao Ping Hu, Jiang Xiang Deng, Jun Wu, Jun Ming Xu, Zhi Hua Ying, Liang Zheng, Hui Bin Qin

Abstract: In this paper, the dependance of microstructures on temperature stability of the (Mg1-xCax)2SiO4 (0≤x≤0.5)...

Authors: Jiang Hao Wu, Chao Zhou, Yan Lai Zhang

Abstract: The objective of investigation is to use numerical simulation obtain the effect of three different flexible deformation parameters (the...


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