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Authors: Shan Qing Li, Hong Yuan
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:The Green quasifunction method(GQM) is employed to solve the bending problem of clamped orthotropic thin plates with trapezoidal boundary...
Authors: Kai Kai Shi, Li Xun Cai, Chen Bao, Yao Yao
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:One of tasks of fracture mechanics analysis is to get J resistance curves and fracture toughness of ductile materials. Based on the...
Authors: Zhi Fu Yang, Qing Yuan Meng, Bing Zhao
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Nowadays concrete-filled steel tube is widely used as a building structure. For concrete added with expanding agent, certain stresses will be...
Authors: Yu Zhou Sun, Ya Dong Bian, Zhong Guo Zhang
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:This paper presents a three-dimensional viscoelastic model to study the interactions of a penny-shaped interfacial crack and a center of...
Authors: Jing Wang, Wei Shen Zhu, Hai Ping Ma
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Brittle media, such as rock mass, usually contain a great number of joints or cracks, which lead to varying mechanical properties and failure...
Authors: Chen Bao, Li Xun Cai
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:In this work, a nondimensional load separation conforming to similarity principle was proposed. Based on this new principle, similarity...
Authors: Xuan Hua Fan, Rui An Wu, Pu Chen
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A Finite-element parallel computing frame—PANDA and its implementation processes are introduced. To validate the parallel performance of the...
Authors: Chen Hua Lu, Bo Liu, Jian Bing Sang, Yan Hui Qie, Jing Yuan Wang
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Following the modified Gurson model in meso-mechanics, the models with spherical holes are established by the assumption which the matrix...
Authors: Xiang Yang Qi, Shu Zhong Lin, Quan Jing Wang, Qian He, Peng Wang
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A development system on gear parametric design and check based on Pro/E4.0 and Visual C++ was built in the paper. The system included three...
Authors: Zhi Ping Ding, Ming Li, Teng Fei Wang, Rong Hua Yang
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Based on micro structure of Ni-based single crystal superalloy, a γ/γ’ two-phase unit cell finite element model was established, and its...
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