Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Xia Yan, Yi Hui Yin, Yu Ze Chen

Abstract: Based on the axisymmetric thermal elastoplasticity theory, the reverse plugging of a Cu thin plate irradiated by ms-degree long pulsed laser...

Authors: Di Xin Yang, Jing Pei Xie, Ai Qin Wang, Wen Yan Wang

Abstract: Abstract. In this paper,the effect of rare earth La on microstructures and properties of ZA30 alloy were studied . The result shows that The...

Authors: Nan Ge, Hai Bin Chen, You Po Su, Xing Guo Wang

Abstract: The modified equations for PC-Newmark method and OS (operator-splitting) method were derived, which could be applied to the numerical...

Authors: Tao Sun, Wei Yang Qin, Xu Dong Jiao

Abstract: This paper investigated the variation of dynamical response of a low pressure rotor in turbo-shaft engine with its system parameters. Based...

Authors: Xiao Chen, Yasuo Kitane, Yoshito Itoh

Abstract: This paper presents a series of uniaxial loading tests on the thickness-reduced steel plates bonded with carbon fiber reinforced polymer...

Authors: Shu Ying Liu, Guang Bao Liu, Zhong Hao Heng, Kuan Xu

Abstract: Using analysis methods of stretching test,SEM,EDS and microhardness test to investigate and research the mechanical properties, the fracture...

Authors: Jie Feng Huang, Qi Bin Liang, He Wang, Shu Yuan Xu, Li Shan Zhang, Yan Xing

Abstract: With China's urbanization process accelerated ceaselessly, construction developing rapidly, the great architectural waste discharge. At...

Authors: Huai Yong Li, Li Zhong Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the modal and the harmony response analyses of the stator of the bar-type piezoelectric motor are done by using the finite...

Authors: Jen Ching Huang, Yung Jin Weng

Abstract: This study used the nanoindenter to perform indentation tests on copper bulk and nano copper film in order to discuss the mechanical...

Authors: Feng Huang, Rui Run Chen, Jing Jie Guo, Hong Sheng Ding, Yan Qing Su, Jie Ren Yang, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: A square shaped silicon ingot was cast by cold crucible continuous casting. The grain growth behaviors during different growth stages were...


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