Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B. Rajendra Prasath, Porai P. Tamil, Mohd. F. Shabir, P. K. Devan, S. Vigneshvaran

Abstract: Use of biodiesel in diesel engine is becoming popular due to its advantages such as eco friendly, green fuel, low cost and most importantly...

Authors: A.S.F. Alqap, Iis Sopyan, M. Husni, N. Athirah

Abstract: Variation of calcium excess, water content and mixing time have been taken into the parameters of the injection test of calcium phosphate...

Authors: Anuchit Uchaipichat, Ekachai Man Koksung

Abstract: Generally, pile foundation is typically chosen to support heavy structures. However, the developments of expressions to determine the pile...

Authors: A. Yunardi, B. Elwina, Sylvia Novi, D. Wusnah, Bindar Yazid

Abstract: This paper presents results obtained from the application of a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code Fluent 6.3 to modeling of elevated...

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Kamrava, Farzad Bazdidi-Tehrani

Abstract: In all industries which are related to heat, suitable thermal ranges are defined for each device to operate well. Consideration of these...

Authors: Guo Bin Zhang, Huang Yuan

Abstract: Creep damage is an important failure factor of high-temperature alloy. The fatigue crack growth under elevated temperature of the material...

Authors: Mohamadreza Salehi Barzegar, Alireza Nadaf Oskooe, Kaveh Najafi, Hossein Khodarahmi, Mohamadreza Mohamadi

Abstract: This paper investigates nonlinear elasto-plastic analysis of the dynamic response of composite spherical shells base on the isotropic...

Authors: Youngtaig Oh, Seung Hun Choi, Azjargal Janchiv

Abstract: Nowadays, various environmental regulations are being strengthened because of air pollution caused by exhaust gas emission of the...

Authors: Tsun Lirng Yang

Abstract: This study adopted a new formula fishing-boat fuel which is based on the existing fishing-boat-fuel A (FBFA) with the addition of viscous...


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