Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

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Authors: Yan Kai Fang
Abstract: Expansion joints are non-standard devices which shape and parameters could vary with temperature, pressure, displacement and cycle life. The drawing work of expansion joints is rather important. A set of accurate, reliable and strong practical professional graphics software is needed for expansion joint industry. On the basis of digestion and absorption of SolidWorks 2010, secondary development of the software was carried out in this paper so as to meet the urgent needs of expansion joints industry. The structures of most bellows expansion joints are not complex, and their geometries are relatively simple and fixed. It is very suitable for bellows expansion joints solved with parametric modeling method.
Authors: Jian Zuo Ma, Peng Wei Liu
Abstract: This paper presents a fan clutch driven by SMA spring actuator. Based on shape memory effect of SMA, the operational principle of the fan clutch driven by SMA is introduced. The equation of the output displacement of SMA actuator in free stroke is derived. The normal pressure between driving and driven discs of the clutch generated by SMA actuators is analyzed to compute the torque transmission ability in the disc-type fan clutch. The characteristic of transmission torque is studied in detail. The results indicate that the change of temperatures has a tremendous influence on the normal pressure between driving and driven discs of the fan clutch, and the transmission torque of the fan clutch changes rapidly according to the temperatures of airflow from radiator.
Authors: Yu Jing Jia, Yuan Bo Cheng
Abstract: This paper introduces a roller processing machine. Base on design project specifications, mechanical structure, processing requirement and hydraulic system principle were discussed. Actuator, hydraulic system, electric control system and PC control programs were designed. The programmable controller was designed for industry control. It is reliable and anti-jamming for the control system. According to the logic relation of processing request, programmable controller was chosen. The processing cycle technology was analyzed. Programmable logic controller was applied to instead the traditional relay control system. General power head and feed mechanism were selected for roller processing machine. The designed system has features of simple structure, short time processing, high efficiency, easy operation, adaptable and convenient on changing the programs.
Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Qian Zhang
Abstract: Safety assessment of bridge crane metal structure is widely needed. A general bridge safety assessment model of metal structure based on BP neural network is established. BP neural network is suitable for the problem that is not fully known and the adaptability of the dynamic system, and can facilitate the assignment and statistics of the safety evaluation system. Matlab7.0 software is used for the network training process. Through the training, samples to be tested were verified for the feasibility of the security model. The security model based on BP neural network for the general overhead traveling crane structure could provide a safety assessment and evaluation methods.
Authors: Li Xia Wang, Lin Wang, Shu Qian He
Abstract: Personnel training of higher vocational industrial design for engineering class will be positioned on designing both the product exterior appearance and the interior structure. Moreover, with the method of computer-aided design and modeling, product design process from design ideas to the real product was completed for training highly skilled application-oriented talents. The designing idea of personnel training scheme is first to identify positions and tasks set by the positions, then to study the required knowledge set by the tasks, and ultimately to make specific teaching content scheme. Curriculum planning adopted the enterprise project mode could realize zero distance links with enterprise.
Authors: Yan Li Huang, Wen Lin Zeng, Guo Dong Song
Abstract: As a unique aspect of the furniture design, the lovers’ furniture design which features and value are different from other furniture design is analyzed deeply. Through investigation on the demands and expressing methods of love, “expressing emotion by materials” is a conventional way of passing and expressing love to other people. The application of material on the design of lovers’ furniture is discussed based on a detailed introduction on the history state, classification, characteristics and design principles of the lovers’ furniture.
Authors: Ji Min Zhang, Kuan Yang
Abstract: A new elastic disc brake pad device is designed. A mathematical model on railway vehicle elastic disc brake is established compared with the non-elastic brake pad by uni-wheel set braking simulation. The simulation results show that the elastic brake pad could guarantee the vehicle braking performance as same as the non-elastic brake pad. When the friction surface of the brake disc or pad has defects, the elastic brake pad can effectively reduce the vibration of the friction force between the brake pad and the brake disc. It has been proved that the correctness and rationality of the design. A new idea for the design and analysis of the disc brake system is provides.
Authors: Guang Zhen Cheng, Xu Qin Chen
Abstract: The special honing machine is used in the precision machine of the monomer hydraulic prop cylinder internal hole surface. The main revolving movement is driven by motor, the reciprocating linear motion is actuated by hydraulic ram. Honing machine consists of three parts, mechanism, the hydraulic system and the electric control system. The work principle and the processing process, the interlock relation between movements and the straight line feed motion velocity modulation method of this machine were discussed in this study. The special honing machine designed for the monomer hydraulic prop cylinder is convenient and easy for person to operate, and has high efficiency. The reciprocating linear motion driven by hydraulic ram is steady when direction is changed. It is convenient to change speed, and has advantageous of enhancement processing surface quality.
Authors: Ping Yu, Yao Hua Wang, Zhi Hui Xiao, Dong Yu Liu
Abstract: Hammer is an important part of the top drive system. ANSYS software was applied to analyze the top drive system drilling rig hammer. The procedures and methods were introduced in this paper. A reliable reference for optimizing the design and improving the structure is provided. Through calculation, whether the design of top drive system is sufficient to actual requirement can be judged. The changes of strain and stress in hammer are qualified to the top drive system.

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