Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Wei Zhu, Hong Mou Wang, Wei Peng

Abstract: A comparative study of the girder damage identification of Jintang Cable-stayed Bridge in Zhoushan Island-Land Project using the deflection...

Authors: De Gao, Fu De Lu

Abstract: This paper proposes to model cushioning materials by combining hyperbolic tangent function and tangent function together. Based on the...

Authors: Xian Feng Kuang, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: One of necessary prerequisites to design cushioned package is the determination of product shock fragility, which is so far obtained by...

Authors: Zhi Jun Liu, Xiao Ting Rui, Laith K. Abbas

Abstract: In order to obtain simple formulae of cable dynamic behavior for numerical computation, the Chebyshev series method for the free vibration...

Authors: Chao Bing Huang, Di Zheng, Zai He Yu, Li Yong Hu

Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of research on steer-by-wire force feedback, a MRF- damper-based experimental system was developed. In the...

Authors: Zai He Yu, Jian Wei Zhou

Abstract: This paper first establishes the model for a 2-DOF non-linear cushion packaging system with strong hysteresis and then derives its vibration...

Authors: Yan Jun Luo, Zhao Yu Bei

Abstract: In this paper, the structure similar to the connection of two connecting rods of human elbow joints is proposed to construct coordinates of...

Authors: Jing Hong Liu, De Cheng Yin

Abstract: In this paper, the Poisson problem with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions on the bounded open domain is considered and the...


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