Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Gang Liu, Heng Can Li, Qiu Jin

Abstract: During manufacturing processes, firstly the raw materials are mined or recovered from ore. Then the raw materials are machined to obtain the...

Authors: Sheng Dong Gao, Yang Wang, Yan Wu, Zhi Wei Liu

Abstract: In this study an experimental device capable of producing uniform metal droplet stream with image gathering was set up. A periodic vibration...

Authors: Xian Yi Li, Jian Zhong Fu, Ji Qiang Li

Abstract: Tool path generation, post-processing and verification and simulation of NC program are key technologies which are investigated in this...

Authors: Liang Dong, Ai Bing Yu, Hao Wang, Lei Wu

Abstract: In order to improve cutting tool wear resistance, non-smooth surface was applied on HSS cutting tool and finite element method was used to...

Authors: Hao Wang, Ai Bing Yu, Liang Dong, Lei Wu

Abstract: Edge preparation is a process to modify edge geometry and surface integrity of cutting tools. Edge preparation experiments of tungsten...

Authors: Di Zheng, Feng Lu, Li Zhong Zhang, Yong Jie Shi

Abstract: The force-position decoupling technology based on Magnetorheological Fluid Torque Servo (MRT) can effectively solve the force-position...

Authors: Ji Qiang Li, Jing Su, Zhi Xin Jia, Wen Liu, Li Jun Liu, Hong Bing Wu

Abstract: The effect of misch metal and silicium additions to AZ31 magnesium alloy on the microstructure was investigated in this study. The results...

Authors: Ying Hou Lou, Shun Ming Hua

Abstract: Assembly is an important manufacturing process, and automatic assembly is an inevitable trend in the development of assembly technology,...

Authors: Xue Dao Shu, Xin Hong Wei, Le Ping Chen

Abstract: Rolled-piece end quality is one of key factors to decide material utilization ratio in cross wedge rolling (CWR). Good workpiece end quality...

Authors: Xiao Min Cheng, Zhong Zhao, Zi Qing Ye

Abstract: The shortage of resources and environmental pollution are serious problems that we are facing currently. To form a Green re-manufacturing...


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