Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Lin Li, Zhi Xin Jia

Abstract: At present, the trends for injection molding are higher precision, ultra-thin and light weight, and there are many harsh requirements on...

Authors: Bang Sheng Xing, Chang Long Du, Ning Ning Wang

Abstract: Performance prediction of small diameter cold-rolled reinforced bar using the genetic algorithm was proposed. A mathematical model about the...

Authors: Zhi Xin Jia, Ji Qiang Li, Li Jun Liu

Abstract: The CAE simulations of filling and solidification processes for die-casting are studied. Numerical analysis is presented for a practical...

Authors: Jian Bo Lei, Zhen Wang, Yun Shan Wang

Abstract: In order to study temperature distribution of metal powder stream in laser fabricating, its thermal radiation in visible region was detected...

Authors: Gui Lian Wang, Yi Qiang Wang, Hai Bo Zhou, Bing Bing Yan

Abstract: A compliant abrasive tool is investigated in this paper. By the polishing experiment of this abrasive tool, the technique of polishing the...

Authors: Jing Zhao, Li Qun Lu

Abstract: The process of multi-wedge cross wedge rolling is an advanced precision technology for forming long shaft parts such as automobile...

Authors: Li Yan Wu, Zhi Wu Han, Yu Qiu Song, Shi Chao Niu, Lu Quan Ren

Abstract: Biologically structural colors have been attracting more and more researcher’s attention and many bionics theoretical achievements of this...

Authors: Ya Ming Wang, Yi Qiang Wang, Xiao Qin Zhou, Ai Yun Hao

Abstract: This paper discusses the design of a new type fast tool servo (FTS) for precision diamond turning. The FTS has two degrees. One of them is...

Authors: Di Zheng, Yong Jiang Yu, Xian Hua Zhang, Xiao Jun Zhao, Yuan Wang, Yong Jie Shi, Feng Lu

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of shape and size of polishing pad on the material removal characteristics in the...

Authors: Wen Fei Peng, Wen Wei Gong, Kang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Cross wedge rolling of asymmetric shaft parts has a series of problems such as the difficulty of forming, and the rules of mental flow are...


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