Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Fei Tu, Ke Liu

Abstract: During a certain time, balance between the supplier’s production capacity and order load can facilitate the successful conclusion of orders...

Authors: Lei Chen, Hong Fei Zhan, Jun He Yu, Zhong Ren Jiang, Chen Jian Lei

Abstract: To decrease the difficulty of business process modeling, the domain-specific modeling (DSM) method and the frame of model driven...

Authors: Li Qun Zhou, Yu Ping Li, Zhen Wang, Ya Liu

Abstract: So as to design the pavement planer, it is necessary to study the milling performance of cement concrete. In this work, a coupled...

Authors: Yi Jun Huang

Abstract: Ultrasonic welding is the application of high-technology for welding thermoplastic products. Various thermoplastic parts can be treated by...

Authors: Ming Yang Ma, Yi Qiang Wang, Wei Luo, Er Hu Zhang, Chao Fu, Li Xue Wang

Abstract: In the proceeding of the CNC system, it is a valuable subject that how to locate the fault based on the function of the CNC system. To solve...

Authors: Xue Dao Shu, Min Xiao

Abstract: The guiding roll is an important part of the ring rolling equipment which plays an important part in stabilizing the rolling and ensuring...

Authors: Xian Kui Liu, Yu Mei Yang, Zu Xing Han

Abstract: We put up a new fast and steady parameter interpolator on the basis of the present various interpolation algorithms. This proposed algorithm...

Authors: Li Jun Liu, Li Qiong Chen, Zhi Xin Jia, Ji Qiang Li, Xian Yi Li, Hong Zhou

Abstract: In order to solve the problems of the waste of resources, and reduce the cost directly caused by the short life of the hot die in...

Authors: Tie Nan Di, Li Jun Liu, Zhi Xin Jia, Ji Qiang Li, Hong Zhou, Xian Yi Li, Li Qiong Chen

Abstract: For the short life of enterprise hot work die directly caused to problems in the waste of resources and the rising cost of production. Based...

Authors: Can Huang, Yi Gan, Ji Tao Du, Cheng Zhan Chen, Qi Jun Chen

Abstract: Tailor rolled blanks (TRB) is made by flexible rolling system. And the thickness of TRB can be determined according to the load of this...


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