Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

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Authors: Jian Fei Tu, Ke Liu
Abstract: During a certain time, balance between the supplier’s production capacity and order load can facilitate the successful conclusion of orders and is a significant guarantee for the supply chain’s positive development. This paper exerts an analysis on the influence form balance between capacity and load on the supply chain during its different phases, and it suggests establishing a stable and efficient supply chain network through properly adjusting the supplier’s load level by the demanding party.
Authors: Lei Chen, Hong Fei Zhan, Jun He Yu, Zhong Ren Jiang, Chen Jian Lei
Abstract: To decrease the difficulty of business process modeling, the domain-specific modeling (DSM) method and the frame of model driven architecture (MDA) were discussed in this paper. By applying DSM and MDA, the meta-model consisting of domain schema and domain template was established to simplify the business process. Then the character property, relationship property and operation of business-process-oriented DSM (BP-DSM) meta-model were described. The meta-model and application template would be consummated by continuous instantiation and abstraction of the domain concepts. By extracting and accumulating a large number of enterprises' templates within the same industry, the industry-oriented model template would be ultimately established.
Authors: Li Qun Zhou, Yu Ping Li, Zhen Wang, Ya Liu
Abstract: So as to design the pavement planer, it is necessary to study the milling performance of cement concrete. In this work, a coupled thermo-mechanical plane-strain large deformation milling finite element simulation is presented to analyze the cement concrete milling process and predict the stress and temperature field. A model for actual cutter and milling cylinder is set up. Chip separation is considered by applying shear fracture failure criteria and element deletion and adaptive mesh technique. Two contact pairs are defined. Contact pair 1 defines the milling path, and contact pair 2 defines to prevent the formed chip enter into the milling cylinder. The cutter surface friction and heat conduction are considered. The computation indicates that the maximal equivalent stress reaches 1.4MPa and maximal equivalent strain reaches 1.1 in the pavement, and maximal cutter temperature reaches 729°C. Improving suggestions are put forward.
Authors: Yi Jun Huang
Abstract: Ultrasonic welding is the application of high-technology for welding thermoplastic products. Various thermoplastic parts can be treated by ultrasonic welding without adding any solvent, adhesive or other auxiliaries, which can increase productivity many times, reduce cost and improve the quality of products. Ultrasonic welding technology is being used widely. This article focuses on the application of ultrasonic welding technology, and has a detailed statement of the design of welding spot by using ultrasonic welding technology, the welding structure, the design requirement for ultrasonic welding, and the ultrasonic welding process.
Authors: Ming Yang Ma, Yi Qiang Wang, Wei Luo, Er Hu Zhang, Chao Fu, Li Xue Wang
Abstract: In the proceeding of the CNC system, it is a valuable subject that how to locate the fault based on the function of the CNC system. To solve this problem, the method of searching in divided execution trace was introduced into the fault localization of the CNC system. This method divided the execution trace into two segments, searching the statements continually. At the same time, the Fuzzy Arithmetic was used to calculate the suspiciousness of the statements executed by these traces. After the integrated analysis, we could locate the faulty statements of the program. The experiment results indicated that this method was effective in locating the fault of the CNC system software.
Authors: Xue Dao Shu, Min Xiao
Abstract: The guiding roll is an important part of the ring rolling equipment which plays an important part in stabilizing the rolling and ensuring the quality of product. This paper obtained the formula for instant diameter of ring during the rolling process and established the motion equation of guiding roll. The angular velocity, instant displacements in X and Y direction of guiding roll center were calculated by MATLAB software. The numerical simulation of ring rolling of ring with rectangular cross sections was completed under the ABAQUS/Explicit environment after importing the instant displacement of guiding roll center. The simulation results indicate that the guiding roll could be controlled accurately by the proper method. These research conclusions can provide scientific basis for ensuring the quality of product and accurately controlling the movement of guiding roll during the ring rolling.
Authors: Xian Kui Liu, Yu Mei Yang, Zu Xing Han
Abstract: We put up a new fast and steady parameter interpolator on the basis of the present various interpolation algorithms. This proposed algorithm has little rate of speed errors than other algorithms and can save much computing time because of its avoiding derivation operations. Quintic curve acceleration/deceleration algorithm (QCAD) is deduced which can improve the flexibility of the CNC machine. By means of the QCAD planning, the demand velocity is maintained high at large of the time and can be smoothly accelerated/decelerated when needed. Therefore, the parameter interpolator with QCAD can meet the CNC dynamic properties to improve the machine quality. In the end, this NURBS interpolator is validated by matlab, which proves this proposed algorithm not only has the advantages of good flexibility and simple implementation procedure, but also has lower time complexity.
Authors: Li Jun Liu, Li Qiong Chen, Zhi Xin Jia, Ji Qiang Li, Xian Yi Li, Hong Zhou
Abstract: In order to solve the problems of the waste of resources, and reduce the cost directly caused by the short life of the hot die in enterprises, this paper analyzes the wear of hot die which is one of the main factors affecting service life, and a thought that enhanced mold through laser surface local stripe grid bionic process is pointed out. Different from traditional laser hardening technology, the service life of mold processed by bionic laser melting enhancement simulating butterfly wings is nearly doubled. Experimental results provide a new way to improve die life, and the application of laser local stripe grid bionic process will bring enterprises significant economic benefits for its extension in mould industry.
Authors: Tie Nan Di, Li Jun Liu, Zhi Xin Jia, Ji Qiang Li, Hong Zhou, Xian Yi Li, Li Qiong Chen
Abstract: For the short life of enterprise hot work die directly caused to problems in the waste of resources and the rising cost of production. Based on studying the biological prototype of crack-resistance of dragonfly wings and finding surface thermal fatigue crack is one of the main factors affecting life of the hot work mould, it is put forward thoughts about the local laser bionic strengthening the grid mould surface. Different from the traditional mould surface integral laser transformation hardening (LTH) technology, by using laser melting simulating dragonfly wings to block localized crack in the partial surface of mold, bionic strengthened die life is improved within 1~1.5 times. Experiment results on die steel shows that it is provided a new method to improve the service life of die casting mold and promoting this technology will bring significant economic benefits for the mold industry.
Authors: Can Huang, Yi Gan, Ji Tao Du, Cheng Zhan Chen, Qi Jun Chen
Abstract: Tailor rolled blanks (TRB) is made by flexible rolling system. And the thickness of TRB can be determined according to the load of this section. With its good bearing capacity and designed, it can be used to make automotive body for reducing the material and lower the weight. This paper describes the rolling process of TRB, and rolling simulation model of TRB was constructed using Deform-3D. The result curve of TRB rolling simulation was compared with a given target curve to determine the TRB rolling implementation, and had a simple analysis about the factors of each cross section during rolling. This research will give a guidance to realize the rolling of TRB.

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